If you’re having one of those days when your creativity refuses to cooperate and you can’t come up with things to draw, don’t worry!

Sometimes you just need a little prompting to spark your imagination, and you’ve come to the right place.

Easy Things to Draw

Just like any skill, getting better at drawing requires practice. But that doesn’t mean you have to draw the Eiffel Tower in great detail. You can improve and maintain your skills with some easy things to draw.


You may be thinking shapes are too easy, even for new artists. But if you’re looking for easy things to draw, start with shapes, not just because they’re easy, but because they’re the basis of all types of visual art.

Being able to draw shapes is essential, especially as you progress to more difficult and complex pieces. Simply sketch different shapes of various proportions until you feel like the motions are second nature.

Drawing basic shapes helps you create the foundation for all types of visual art.

Line Drawings

When you look at a drawing filled with geometric shapes and patterns, it may seem a little beyond your skill level. But look closely. A piece like this is created simply by drawing lines to create patterns, something you can definitely do.

Black and white geometric drawing in a black frame
By just drawing lines, you can create intricate artwork.

Cartoon Faces

Drawing realistic faces can be pretty intimidating—especially for beginners. So instead, try drawing cartoon faces. Focus on using quick, gestural movements and simple lines and shapes.

cartoon heads
Cartoon faces look simple, but drawing them can help you practice facial proportions.

More Easy Things to Draw

  • Hearts
  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • Stars
  • Fish
  • Clovers
  • Trees
  • Snakes
  • Leaves
  • Diamonds
  • Balloons
  • Wreaths
  • Candy canes
  • Gifts
  • Cactus
  • Beaches
  • Lakes
  • Planets
  • Palm trees
  • Ice cream cones
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Cool Things to Draw

Some days, you want to go a little farther with your art than simple shapes and black lines. But you can’t think of any cool things to draw. We got you.

Abstract Highlighter Art

With just a few highlighters and a piece of paper, you can create an abstract work of art in neon colors. Highlighter art is a simple but fun way to express your creativity.

To make sure each color shows up vibrantly, start with your lightest highlighter (yellow, in most cases) for the first layer, and then progress to darker colors.

Build up the piece layer by layer until you’ve filled the page with a bright pattern.

Relaxing Waves

Drawing ocean doodles won’t just lead to a visually interesting piece of art, it will also help relax your mind. Start by drawing small rounded shapes, like foothills.

Next, embellish each hill with concentric lines that follow the curve of the arch. By the end, you’ll have a mesmerizing pattern of waves.

ocean waves
A mesmerizing pattern of waves.

More Cool Things to Draw

  • Anime
  • Dragons
  • Wolves
  • Spaceships
  • Surfboards
  • Superheroes
  • Spiderwebs
  • Ninjas
  • Electronic circuits
  • Musical instruments
  • Swords
  • Starships
  • Jets
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Castles
  • Knights
  • Ships
  • Sugar skulls
  • Hawks

Cute Things to Draw

Looking for things you can draw with your kids? Or maybe just cute things to draw yourself? Furry and fuzzy animals are first on that list.

Sitting down with your kids for an afternoon drawing all kinds of cute pictures can get them interested in art. Plus, it’ll just be fun for all of you.

An Adorable Hamster

What’s cuter than small animals?! Especially this little hamster. Just look at those rosy cheeks. And a heart for a nose?! We just can’t even.

Cute drawing of an adorable grayish-brown hamster with rosy cheeks, a cute little smile, and a little pink heart for a nose. The image has a pretty watercolor-like background in pale yellow, pink and orange.
You can learn to draw cute animals like this adorable hamster by Skillshare student Alessandra M.

The Family Pet

To draw a puppy or a cute, fluffy kitty, all you really need is a few simple shapes—ovals, rectangles, and triangles.

Once you’ve drawn the outline in black marker or crayon, fill it in with bright watercolors. No need to be realistic with browns and black, either. Let imaginations run wild!

You can draw a cute puppy with ink, watercolor and just a few simple shapes.

Shark Attack

OK, you may not describe a shark as “cute,” and they’re certainly not fuzzy, but it all depends on your perspective. We think this guy looks pretty friendly. The fish are still there, right? So what could it hurt to draw a shark?

Drawing of a shark by a five-year-old artist and Skillshare student.

More Cute Things to Draw

  • Gnomes
  • Skunks
  • Bunnies
  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Kitties
  • Puppies
  • Caterpillars
  • Penguins
  • Pandas
  • Foxes
  • Ducks
  • Bees
  • Hummingbirds
  • Dolphins
  • Jack-o-lanterns
  • Bats
  • Dinosaurs
  • Unicorns
  • Peacocks

Fun Things to Draw

Drawing anything can be fun. If it weren’t fun, you wouldn’t do it, right? But some things that contain a lot of detail or color, or just happy subjects can be especially fun things to draw.


Because they come in so many different varieties, each with interesting details, wildflowers are fun subjects.

Whether you choose a simple bloom—like this dandelion, which you can create with just layers of lines—or one with more detail and complexity, you’ll enjoy drawing wildflowers and creating a garden on paper.

Drawing wildflowers like this dandelion can be fun practice.


Almost any shape can become a house by adding some windows and doors—and that’s what makes drawing houses so fun.

Start with two rectangles side by side; these form the basic structure of the house. Then, add smaller squares for the windows and doors.

Experiment with different shapes, styles, and features, and soon, you’ll have an entire village.

You can draw a house from almost any shape simply by adding some windows and doors.

More Fun Things to Draw

  • Cityscapes
  • Landscapes
  • Cartoon characters
  • Vehicles
  • 3D forms
  • Ghosts
  • Horses
  • Butterflies
  • Aliens
  • Boats
  • Jewels
  • Crowns
  • Monsters
  • Volcanoes
  • Eagles
  • Dragonflies
  • Fashion
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Mandalas
  • Geometric designs

Things to Draw With Chalk

Did you ever play with sidewalk chalk as a kid? Well, the fun doesn’t have to stop because you’ve grown up.

Chalk is one of the easiest mediums to use. Make a mistake? Erase it, and no one will ever be the wiser.

Hand-Lettered Mural

Have a chalkboard on hand? Try hand lettering a chalk mural filled with various fonts and embellishments. Choose a quote or phrase and map it out on the board.

To add dimension and visual interest, try incorporating a variety of different text styles and shadows, as well as some simple banner shapes and flourishes.

chalk sign
A variety of text styles creates a visually interesting chalk mural.


With just a few strokes of your chalk, you can create this simple sailboat image. From start to finish, it takes just a few minutes and requires only a few chalk pastels.

Start by drawing the sailboat in the center of the paper, then add a few rippling lines to form waves. Blend the chalk under the waves to create a little depth, and add a sun for a finishing touch.

Create a simple chalk drawing in just minutes.

Easy Things to Draw That Look Hard

Sometimes, the things that are most fun to draw are the ones that look deceptively difficult. You can start to feel more confident in your drawing skills by tackling easy things to draw that look like you spent hours and hours on.

Pencil Portrait

Drawing a human face sounds difficult, and it can be if you’re trying to produce a realistic portrait. But before you get to that point, you can start with a simple pencil drawing of a face.

You’ll get some valuable practice drawing facial expressions, features, and proportions, but you won’t have to worry about precision or shading.

Human Eye

If an entire face seems too daunting at first, try drawing facial features, such as eyes. They may seem complex, but with a few tips, eyes are actually easy to draw.

It’s most important to understand the proportions and features of the eye, including the eyelid and eyelashes. Then, you can add realistic details, down to the reflection within the iris.

eye sketch
Drawing a realistic eye is all about tone and proportion.

One-Line Portrait

This exercise requires you to put your pen or pencil to paper and not lift it until you’re done. Drawing a one-line portrait may sound difficult, but it’s not.

Use a reference photo underneath your paper to achieve perfect placement of the subject’s facial features. Then, it’s just a matter of connecting the features in an aesthetically pleasing way.

one line lady
Creating a single-line, abstract portrait is easier than you may think.

Things to Draw When Bored

Sometimes, you can’t come up with anything new because you’re bored. Maybe you’ve been drawing the same kinds of things for a while, and it’s not as fun as it once was.

Try breaking out of the boredom by doing something different.

Don’t Draw, Doodle

While you’re watching TV, talking on the phone, or listening to a podcast, pick up a pen or pencil and start doodling. It’s drawing in a non-intentional way, while your mind is otherwise occupied.

There are no real guidelines for doodling. Simply put pen to paper, start moving your hand, and allow your subconscious to take over.

Close your eyes to further disengage from intentional action, and then open your eyes to find shapes and patterns within your work. Add outlines to your shapes and gradually turn them into a cohesive drawing.

Easy drawings like this have a calming effect and can help you process and develop ideas. This is a quick and stress-free exercise for creating dynamic and interesting art.

It also proves that you don’t have to start with a specific idea to create cool drawings that are uniquely your own.

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Change Your Perspective>

Looking at an object from a new point of view can get you out of a rut. Pick an everyday object—like a coffee mug, plant, or instrument. Then, change the way you’re looking at it.

Zoom in on a tiny detail of the object. Turn your back and use a mirror to look at it in reverse. Grab a ladder or step stool to give yourself a bird’s-eye view, or juxtapose the object with a completely unrelated one to see it in a new context.

Get creative in the way you look at things, and you’ll have a constant source of new cool things to draw.

Copy Your Favorite Artist

Most people are taught from a young age that copying the work of others is wrong. But as long as you don’t try to pass the work off as your own, mimicking a favorite artist’s work can serve as helpful inspiration for what to draw when you’re out of ideas.

Pick one of your favorite pieces of art—or do a simple internet search to find a work of art that inspires you—and start drawing.

For example, you might try to draw in the style of Van Gogh. Whether you try to imitate it stroke for stroke, or you create your own interpretation of the work, you’ll be able to harness the artist’s style and techniques to create amazing art of your own.

Use an Idea Generator

Prompts can get creative juices flowing. Search “art prompts” or “sketchbook prompts,” and you’ll find idea generators that can supply a lifetime’s worth of inspiration.

Some sites will allow you to choose options or categories to narrow down the drawing prompts, like “creature,” “object” or “situation.”

Unlock your creativity with a prompt. Try these creative drawing exercise to spark your creativity and unlock your best work.

The prompt may range from something simple (like “dog”) to something complex and detailed, like “dog on a hiking trail, wearing a small pack for supplies.”

For maximum creativity, remember there are no rules when using prompts to jolt your imagination. The whole point is to interpret these suggestions in whatever way you see fit and challenge yourself with new approaches to drawing.

Commit to a Drawing Challenge or Series

When you want to focus on your drawing pad, social media can seem like a distraction. In fact, it can serve as an infinite source of inspiration.

Search social media, and you’ll likely come across some interesting hashtags for drawing challenges or series that can provide ideas for fun things to draw. Try searching for a generic hashtag, like #sketchbookchallenge, or #draweveryday.

You could also generate your own hashtag and drawing series, like #mydreamroadtrip or #myfavoritethings. You’ll develop new ideas for easy things to draw, and other like-minded artists may join in as well.

Plus, these challenges can prompt you to share your drawings with others, which can produce helpful tips, constructive criticism, and even more ideas for new things to draw.

Keep Drawing!

The next time you draw a blank—literally—don’t let it set you back. Come back to this list of things to draw (don’t forget to bookmark it!), let something inspire you, and take it from there.

We’re just here to give you a little push. The genius that results is all you.

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