Last month, our team dedicated the entirety of March to clearing out the biggest usability problems with the goal of streamlining the online classroom and making it a more cohesive experience.
In order to achieve this, we established continuous feedback loops with our students and teachers through support tickets that were coming in, onsite feedback forms, and most importantly talking to our students and teachers through usability interviews.

We’ve sped up our iteration cycles and are excited to announce the updates we’ve made.

Students have been asking for a simpler way to interact with their classmates. The class feed aims to be an area where students can introduce themselves from all over the world and share interesting and relevant tidbits about the class. This is just the first release of the class feed, and we’re excited to see how students use this area of the classroom.

We know that everybody learns at different paces and has to juggle Skillshare classes with their every day schedule. That’s why we’ve included a simple schedule section to see if there are any upcoming events in your classso you don’t miss a beat. A new addition within the schedule are peer feedback sessions. These are here to help you receive feedback on your project by providing a system where projects get swapped with your classmates to give and receive feedback to those who participate.

What waspreviously a discussion board has now been focused to just questions and answers. We’ve found that one of the most useful things for when you get stuck working on your project or learning new material is just the ability to get an answer to a question you have. The focus is now on upvoting helpful questions and answers that provides other students with an easy way to glance at the top content.

With classes that have upwards of 1,000+ students, the power of  student to student interaction becomes the epicenter of collaborative learning. With online classes, the teacher becomes more of a curator or conductor that guides students along a learning journey. Announcements provides the ability for teachers to course correct students and announce new materials they’ve added to the syllabus.

Written by:

Stephen Yang