From April 2021 through April 2022, more than 47 million people left their jobs over low pay, poor benefits, or just the desire to do something more fulfilling with their lives. This unprecedented exodus from the workforce came to be known as the Great Resignation, also called the Great Reassessment and the Big Quit. 

This shift in workers’ attitudes isn’t unique to the United States. People are leaving jobs all over the world for many of the same reasons. For the first time in decades, strong labor demand and record low unemployment have put workers in a position of power. 

Why Did the Great Resignation Happen?

The reasons for it are complex. The short answer is, the Great Resignation happened because during the pandemic, remote work exploded, and many people liked working from home so much, they quit rather than return to their jobs. 

A lot of people also left what they felt were toxic workplaces and found higher-paying jobs with better benefits.

The phenomenon is now permanently etched into American culture thanks, in part, to Beyoncé.

On June 20, 2022, Queen B dropped a new single called “Break My Soul.” The song’s themes include taking chances in love and in life, striving to build yourself up, and yes, leaving your job. 

“Release your anger, release your mind/ Release your job, release the time/ Release your trade, release the stress/ Release the love, forget the rest.”

Prepare Yourself for a Career Change

Beyoncé’s single quickly became an anthem for another Great Resignation wave. If it also spoke to you, or you’re just ready to follow your passion and build the creative career of your dreams, we can help you get started.

Start Your Creative Career: Build a Sharp, Smart Online Presence

Instructor Sonja Rasula blurred in the background of a title graphic with the words Creative Career Essentials: Build a Digital Presence with Sonja Rasula overlaid.
Sonja Rasula

Sonja Rasula’s fun and funny style makes this crash course in starting a creative career an absolute pleasure. Learn how to track metrice, handle social media, and create an attractive website.

Sonja brings her extensive experience as a business consultant and small business owner to bear in this entertaining course about what to do—and what not to do.

Transition Into Illustration: Breaking Into The Industry

Title graphic featuring instructor Ohn Mar with a text overlay that reads Transition into Illustration: Breaking into the Industry
Ohn Mar

Ohn Mar, a UK-based illustrator and surface designer, can help you build your dream career as an illustrator. She’ll take you step by step from talented amateur to working professional.

First, you’ll lay the foundations for a successful career launch, then hone your skills and expand your outlook, setting yourself up for success. 

Surface Pattern Design 2.0: Design a Collection | Start a Career

An exquisitely patterned title graphic with the words Surface Pattern Design, create a collection | start your career
Bonnie Christine’s surface pattern design class

This class is a followup to Bonnie Christine’s Intro to Pattern Surface Design, where students build their Adobe Illustrator, color palettes, sketching, motif design and repeat pattern design skills.

Once you’ve mastered the necessary skills, Surface Pattern Design 2.0 teaches you how to create a professional portfolio and jumpstart your career. 

Finding Fulfillment: Using Pivots to Power Your Creative Career

Title page for Creative Career Path: Navigate Your Next Pivot featuring a blurred photo of the instructor in the background.
Emma Gannon

When it comes to career change, Emma Gannon is an expert. She’s changed digital career paths several times, and she’s excited to share her expertise with you.

This class will help you navigate the digital landscape to launch a career you love.

Starting a Successful Side-Hustle

Instructor Ali Abdaal gesturing as he delivers an introduction to Starting a Successful Side Hustle
Ali Abdaal

Get your side hustle on with the third course in a series on productivity by Ali Abdaal, Doctor + YouTuber. This class focuses in depth on productivity for creators.

Learn strategies, tools and techniques to help manage your time, focus your attention and develop the ideas to start a creative career or side hustle. Be sure to check out Ali’s other productivity classes as well.

Skillshare Audio: How Mimi Chao Created Her Dream Creative Career

Photo of instructor Mimi Chao with an audio only format.
Mimi Chao

In an audio only course, Mimi Chao shares her personal great resignation. Learn how she left her career as a lawyer to find success in a creative career.

Find out what triggered her pivot, how she got started, and why you should follow your own dream.

Career Development: Creating an Action Plan with Design Thinking

Instructor Sarah Prevette, Founder & CEO, Future Design School introduces her course
Sarah Prevette

Innovation expert Sarah Prevette shares her insights on creative career planning to help you develop a 3-step plan that highlights your experiences and strengths. Use the lessons you’ll learn to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to develop a goal-oriented strategy.

Whether you’re ready to make a career pivot or move up in a career you’re already working, this class is customizable to your needs.

Creating Your Dream Career: Uncover & Apply Your Creative Strengths

Instructor, artist, and cultural geographer Holley M. Kholi-Murchison works at a desk
Holley M. Kholi-Murchison

Instructor Holley M. Kholi-Murchison shares meaningful stories and insights from her own life to help you crystallize your own career vision.

She’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses to set career goals and make an actionable plan for the future. 

Make Creativity Your Career: Six Exercises to Create a Successful Side Project

Instructor Andy J. Pizza at a desk introducing the course with a split screen of a whiteboard filled with colorful encouraging words
Andy J. Pizza

Andy J. Pizza isn’t a 9 to 5 kind of guy, but it took a while to discover his real passion, a mixed creative career encompassing illustration, writing and podcasting.

Find out how he turned his side hustle into a lucrative creative career, and how you can do the same.

Put Your Creative Talents to Work

There has never been a better time to turn your side hustle or creative hobby into a fulfilling career. If you’re ready to join the Great Resignation, learning how to prepare yourself can help you make the pivot more confidently—and perhaps more quickly.

Written By

Sherry Gray

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