Keeping on top of new technologies isn’t just good for your artistic practice -- if you work in a creative field (or plan to), it may be vital to your career. A recent study found that more than 50% of the American workforce will be made up of freelancers by as early as 2027, which means more competition no matter what field you’re in. You need to get in the habit of knowing what you need to stay competitive now. To help you get there, we’ve rounded up some emerging technologies and tools that are transforming the art, design, photography and videography worlds in 2019... and beyond.  

Art & Design

1. Desktop Robotics 

Feeling overwhelmed with work and wishing for a second set of hands to help you get it all done? Robotics are coming to the rescue. The Hexbot desktop robotic arm, now available for pre-order, is designed to help you bring your ideas to life. It can complete nearly any task; it can engrave, draw your art, laser etch, and even turn it into a 3D art piece. Just upload your art into its program, and watch it work. 

2. VR Headset for Creators 

Track audience behaviors and needs as they react to your work with LooxidVR. Equipped with EEG and eye tracking technology, the LooxidVR not only shows the content you’ve created, it also analyzes and reveals the genuine, spontaneous emotional responses of consumers. “LooxidVR [will] help companies gauge the effectiveness of their content by providing objective, data-based feedback on how people are interacting with the VR materials,” Sohn Ji-Young in The Korea Herald. Knowing right away how people will respond to your content while it’s being built can save time and costs down the road. Additionally, the technology can be utilized for VR creatives specifically in healthcare, education and the market research space.

3. 3D Filament Printer Pen

Is a 3D printer a little outside of your budget? The Juku Create+ 3D Printer Pen (launched exclusively for Office Depot) can help you turn your 2D artwork into a 3D masterpiece, create scale models, or develop miniature toys for a fraction of the cost of a traditional 3D printer.    

 4. 3D Resin Printer Marker

The Wiiboox SLA 3D DIY Doodler is another great 3D printer pen, and is unique in that it utilizes environmentally-friendly resin rather than filament like most others on the market to date. It also works with low temperatures, making it safe for kids and expanding the range of materials you can print on. The pen is wireless, light-weight, and easy to use on the go or at your home studio. 

5. 3D VR Stylist 

Take your ink game up a notch with the Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition, a first-generation virtual reality R stylus. Create, annotate and navigate between 2D and 3D work seamlessly. VR ink combines the best of both worlds so there’s no need to leave the virtual space to learn new skills. 

6. Pocket Projectors

Painting a mural? Stay true to your image concept by projecting your plans onto the wall as you work. The Nebula Capsule II, a soda can-sized pocket projector, provides an HD picture, quick autofocus and lasts up to three hours per charge. It also offers strong sound and thousands of apps, so you can relax by watching “The Artist” after you’ve finished being one.

7. Design Stylist 

This stylist is unlike anything else on the market. With clickable features, interchangeable tips, and pressure sensitivity, ReMarkable Signature, has set a new bar for future stylists. 

8. 3D Printer & Laser Cutter 

If you’ve been dreaming of creating in 3D, but a printer is outside of your artist budget we have some good news. WeWork is launching a “mini maker” space in partnership with FormLabs and GrowForge to offer 3D printers and laser cutters to its members. The program will launch at a handful of their locations including Seattle, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, and Houston just to name a few. 

9. Makeup in 3D

After over five years of development, the world’s first 3D makeup printer, The Mink printer, is now available to pre-order. Bring your content to life, amp up your costuming game, or just look great for your next gallery show by using Mink to instantly transform any image into wearable makeup.  

10. 3D Printed Foods 

Turn your artwork into an edible masterpiece or keep your culinary art ahead of the curve by offering unique and custom-designed treats with the chocolate and sweets 3D printers created by Wiiboox. 

Photography & Videography

1. Professional 360 Camera with 11k Resolution

Insta360 Titan sets a new benchmark with 11K resolution and ample 3.3-micron pixels (seven times higher than 4K). The Titan has 8× Micro Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds sensors - the largest available in any unibody VR camera maximize Titan's image quality, dynamic range, low-light performance, and color depth. Its superb low-light performance puts Titan in a class of its own; with this tool you can capture crisp, vibrant, noise-free VR, from dusk till dawn. The best part? It means “no-stitch” editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

2. 360 and VR 180 Camera 

The Tamagoo is the first immersive camera that records in both VR180 and 360 4k HD video. Looking to live stream your content? With a few simple clicks of a button, you can share your 360-degree fisheye video to your favorite social networks or upload to your own platform/website with a web link. 

3. Affordable 360* 5K Camera 

Meet your new production crew. Rylo debuted this year at the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and instantly set the bar for action cameras. Rylo has 5K recording abilities, 360* capture technology, cinematic stabilization, and powerful mobile editing tools. Perfect for the instagram influencer or travel creator that wants to create great work while keeping costs low. 

4. 4K Action Camera 

Known in the industry as GoPro’s biggest competitor, the Osmo Action comes equipped with a full color front and back screen, gripping sides, easy to press action buttons, 148* recording field, 8x slow motion video and rocksteady stabilization. Digital Camera World calls it an “ideal alternative for vloggers and self-shooters.”

5. Location Scout 

Scouting new shoot locations? Traveling and looking for Instagram-worthy spots? Depalo will lead you to the exact latitude and longitude of the best, most instagrammable murals, coffee shops, and viewpoints so you can focus your time creating insta-worthy moments. With the unique capability of saving locations and adding them to your ‘My Trips’ page, you’re able to adventure with ease while capturing the best photo-op locations along the way!

6. Pocket Drone

Want to record your adventures from above? This pocket sized drone, AirPix is the perfect travel companion. It’s small size means that it won’t get you flagged by the TSA. It records in 1080p and comes equipped with facial recognition, autonomous flight, instant and direct social sharing, and gesture control. 

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Ashley Carty

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