Students don’t join Skillshare just to take classes – they come to our platform to engage with experts like you. Many students on Skillshare are here for professional development. They want answers to questions they can’t find on Google; Students want your unique insight and guidance to help them grow in their careers.

Teachers found a way to answer these kind of student questions by hosting an “Ask Me Anything” in their class, and they’ve been a hit! So we decided to make this functionality a core part of Skillshare.

Screenshot of Jeff Staple's AMA

Introducing the latest and greatest Skillshare teacher tool: AMAs.

An AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) is a set place and time for students to ask you questions.

The format is simple: students write in their questions and you respond in real-time. Students can ask questions about your experience, your classes, your field of expertise or anything you’re comfortable answering.

Plus, AMAs are available to all students on Skillshare. Which means hosting an AMA will help build your following and drive new enrollments to your classes!

Screenshot of new AMAs section on Skillshare

To learn more about hosting an AMA, head to the Teacher Handbook. If you’re ready to start taking questions, head here to post your AMA page.

Written by:

Cara Matteson