Top teachers on Skillshare maximize their earnings by growing large student followings. Imagine teaching thousands – even tens of thousands – of students around the world and getting paid for it every month.

We know it can sound intimidating, but building a following on Skillshare is not as tricky as you might think. Most of our top teachers started from the bottom with zero teaching experience, and little to no following on or off of Skillshare. Read on to learn how one such teacher, Christine Fleming, grew her student following from 0 to 11,000, and became one of Skillshare’s very top teachers.

Step 1: Start Teaching

It may be hard to believe now, but Christine Fleming once questioned whether she was “enough of an expert” to teach on Skillshare. An illustrator and writer without any experience teaching, Christine took a chance by creating her first class, Scientific Illustration: Conveying Information with Charm.

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This first class was just the beginning for Christine, and today she teaches 9 classes on Skillshare, with many more in the works. We’re glad she didn’t let her perceived lack of expertise, or any of these common misconceptions about teaching, stand in her way!

Step 2: Class Marketing

In order to get a new class off the ground and build initial credibility as a teacher, marketing is crucial. As soon as Christine published her class, she got to work promoting it amongst her friends, family, and followers off of Skillshare. Without an existing student following, she knew the key was to recruit her first students so that more and more students would discover her class.

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Now, every time Christine publishes a new class, she makes sure to run a mini marketing campaign across all her social media channels.

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Step 3: Publish New Classes Monthly

As a teacher, the best way to maximize your impact and success on Skillshare is to continually add new classes to the platform. Each new class you publish is an opportunity to engage your existing students, and capture new ones, while compounding the revenue you earn.


For Christine, this has certainly been proven true. By publishing a new class each month, she has been able to re-engage existing students while also reaching new ones, steadily growing her student following and monthly revenue stream over time.

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Step 4: Teacher Marketing

By publishing more and more classes and growing her following on Skillshare, Christine is also doing something bigger: she’s building a reputable “channel.” When someone visits Christine’s profile on Skillshare, they’re able to check out all the awesome classes she’s taught, and the vast number of followers she’s accrued over time.

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Because of this, Christine doesn’t just promote her new classes when they publish; instead, she markets her entire teacher channel online (using her channel referral link located on her Referrals page- access your own here) so that friends, followers, and potential clients can access this community she built from scratch. Christine permanently features links to her Skillshare profile on her website, continually driving traffic to all her classes.

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As an added bonus, Christine also earns a $10 referral bonus for every new student she brings to Skillshare by using a referral link. 

Just like Christine, your first class was just the beginning! Head here to get started teaching your next class and building your following on Skillshare.

Written by:

Nataleigh Kohn