Meet Molly Jacques, a typographical artist who emphasizes on calligraphy and hand lettering. She’s worked on wedding calligraphy for clients such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Conde Nast publications, and Ford to name a few. Molly teaches a highly popular Introduction to Modern Calligraphy class and has enrolled over 5,000 students worldwide!

What’s your story, Molly?
I’m a typographical artist will a strong background in calligraphy. That said, I dabble in lots of ways to use my arts. Typeface design, Illustration, lettering, and, of course – calligraphy. I also teach my class here on Skillshare, private workshops, and I’m an currently an adjunct instructor at College for Creative Studies here in Detroit, Michigan. I’m sorta all over the place, but I like it that way. My work days are pretty dynamic.

Tell us a bit about your online Skillshare class.
Before teaching on Skillshare, I had been teaching private workshops for about a year. When the team contacted me to teach an online class – I was really excited! It was a way to teach skills to a wide variety of people who might not be able to afford a hands on workshop but really want to learn the basics of the art. Teaching online is TOTALLY different than teaching in person, but It’s been an exciting journey. Especially to see all of the international students getting involved. Way humbled by the feedback and skill level of the students enrolled in my class.

Teaching has honestly made me a better artist. I think when you teach – you’re actually learning more about what it is that you do. It’s also created a great community around calligraphy and the progression of the technique.

What were your favorite elements of the class experience? What has been the most rewarding aspect?
I think, hands down, my favorite element of the class experience is seeing everyone’s work and observing how students interact with each other to learn. Same thing for my in person classes. I love seeing how all of the students vibe off of each other and bond over their similar interests. It’s a beautiful thing and I’ve made some great friends and potential collaboration partners along the way!

The most rewarding aspect is seeing the progress of students. You know that first day when you start trying something new and it’s extremely frustrating and humbling because your work is genuinely not good? When you hang in there, work your butt off, and form relationships with the students around you – your works blooms into something amazing. The progress. It’s everything. It’s so inspiring for me to see my student’s skills grow after working really really hard. On Skillshare and in my hands on courses.

Do you have any tips for other teachers on Skillshare?
The hardest part for me was translating a class into a digital format where the students can actually understand what you’re trying to teach. Like I said, teaching online and teaching in person are two totally different things. To anyone out there wanting to teach a class on Skillshare, I’d say for them to make a very thorough outline for whatever it is your teaching and run it over with friends and family to see if you’re getting the message across. For anyone who enrolled in my class in the very beginning, you’ll notice that I totally re-vamped the class after getting feedback from my students. I felt like this really helped the clarity of the course.

How has teaching this class impacted your professional endeavors?
I’ve been really fortunate to teach my Skillshare class. It’s opened up a community for this art that I never would have dreamed of and I’ve met some amazingly talented people. It’s given me the freedom to better my teaching skills. It’s given me a great deal of exposure for my freelance work as well. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to teach here.

Even though I’m technically “done” with the actual teaching part of my course, I’m still on Skillshare all the time, checking out student’s work, signing up for new classes, and making conversation with fellow students. I even started learning some new skills for fun that I think will really benefit my freelance work (totally learning After Effects right now!).

Written by:

Dennissa Karnjanaprakorn