Meet Lotus Carroll, a photographer, writer and artist based in Austin, Texas. Lotus teaches a two-part Lightroom class that’s been highly rated on Skillshare: Fundamentals of Lightroom I: Organize Files and Boost Your Workflow and Fundamentals of Lightroom II: Editing and Post Processing. We had a chance to sit down with Lotus to learn more her background and her Skillshare classes!

What’s your story, Lotus?
I’m a Texas transplant who loves the outdoors, music, humor and a nice glass of wine. 🙂 I’ve been a lifelong writer of prose and poetry, and have dabbled in art of some kind my entire life from drawing to painting to photography. The latter is the medium that I work in primarily now. I use art to express feelings and concepts, and to celebrate all parts of life and human emotion. I enjoy interacting with others online – connecting with them and sharing art and life together is highly rewarding and feeds a part of me that makes me feel more alive.

Tell us a bit about your online Skillshare class.
I’ve always been interested in helping and teaching, and so I generally take any opportunity to do so. I was happy and excited to create two classes dealing with photo organization and workflow as well as post processing.
Photography, like most things, is a voyage of learning and growing. I don’t believe you ever get to the end of that voyage, but are constantly making your way to something new that you can discover and learn. I find that really exciting, and I’m always interested in trying new things. As an avid learner, I appreciate other willing teachers, and I enjoy being one myself, when the opportunity arises.

What were your favorite elements of the class experience? What has been the most rewarding aspect?
Putting together the classes strengthened my own abilities in the areas I was teaching, which was a fun outcome, but knowing that others would be helped and learn things that might have taken me a bit longer to pick up on with trial and error was exciting. At this point, I enjoy being able to continue to help and answer any questions that arise with students of the classes I’ve created. Knowing that you’re helping others on their voyage is the most rewarding aspect.

Do you have any tips for other teachers on Skillshare?
Be available, open, and approachable. Creating your class is only the first step. 🙂

How has teaching this class impacted your professional endeavors?
I’ve been exposed to some new and interesting topics just by “hanging around” on Skillshare, and so my own growth has been boosted, as well as being able to make new connections with some pretty amazing people, both students and teachers. I’m not counting my “professional” scores related to this endeavor, so much, but just enjoying it for what it is.

I enjoy following along with what the Skillshare team is up to on social media regularly. I’m also always ready to jump back into my classes and help whenever needed, so I keep an eye out to do just that.

Written by:

Dennissa Karnjanaprakorn