At Skillshare, we believe that learning happens best when students connect with one another and practice their skills through hands-on projects. As a teacher, you help facilitate this interactive experience, and we're excited to share with you three new features we’re launching to make learning on Skillshare even more collaborative.


If you use the Skillshare mobile app, you may have already seen the first of the new features. Groups are a place for community members to connect over chat to ask questions, gain inside knowledge, or simply get to know each other - all on your mobile device.

Some of our most popular groups, including Creative Business, Illustrators, and Social Media Strategy, already have hundreds of members chatting about the topics they love!  


Projects are a core component of your class - by instructing students to complete a lightweight assignment, you help them practice and hone their new skills. To encourage more users to upload their projects to Skillshare, we’ve redesigned the project creator to make it much easier to use.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.21.30 PM.png


Next week, we are launching a new and improved version of the Skillshare profile! The new design will allow you to customize your profile however you want. Upload images, video, text and links directly to your profile, organize your classes, projects, and discussion posts into different sections, and even upload projects that aren’t associated to a specific class to show off more of your work.

How can you use these new features?

1. Give your profile a makeover! Once the new version goes live on June 21st, update your profile to show off your skills, interests and expertise. Your profile is a great place to give students a glimpse into your background and build credibility for your classes. Start thinking about projects you could upload, links to work you’ve done off of Skillshare, and anything else you want to share with the community. Sign up for the Skillshare Profile Challenge to be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card and a feature on Skillshare’s social media channels when you update your profile between June 21st and 28th!

2. Encourage your students to share their projects. Skillshare communities become more meaningful when more members are sharing their process, uploading their work and getting feedback from each other. With the new project creator, sharing a project is easier than ever, and you can inspire more students to participate by designing an engaging project and reminding them to upload their work. The more students who post projects in your class, the more likely it is to get discovered by other students browsing the site!

 3. Use Groups to engage your student following. Groups are an amazing tool to get to know your students and build a more loyal following around your Skillshare channel. Make sure you have the latest version of the Skillshare app downloaded on your mobile device, head to the Groups tab of the app, and start participating in whichever Groups relate to your field and interests! Invite your students to join the conversation by letting them know about the new feature and which Groups you’re a part of. We’ll be adding more Groups in the coming weeks, and email us at if you have any requests!

All three of these new features are in beta, and we’ll be making lots of improvements in the coming months. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback! Email us at to share any questions or thoughts.

Written By

Megan Burt

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