No matter your teaching or filming experience, anyone with the desire to share their skills with others can be a successful teacher on Skillshare. We’ve got the inside scoop on how to create a great class that captivates students and lets your content shine.

1. Expertise With a personal perspective.

Tabitha Park 's class  Self Portraits: Telling Your Unique Story
Tabitha Park‘s class Self Portraits: Telling Your Unique Story

Anyone can give a tour or list step-by-step instructions, but nobody else has your unique experience. Lessons that incorporate your personal knowledge—tips, best practices, concepts, examples, etc.—are compelling because they explain the “how” and “why,” not just the “what.” With each lesson, ask yourself, what knowledge am I trying to impart on the student? 

2. Clean, varied visuals.

Chris Frederick 's class  Brand Yourself - A Quick Guide on Brand Positioning
Chris Frederick‘s class Brand Yourself – A Quick Guide on Brand Positioning

Great classes engage students by switching up the visuals every 30 seconds or so. Whether you’re filming yourself or recording your screen, consider adding slides, text, or example images every so often to highlight your points. (Pro tip: cutting to a slide or image is a great way to remove pauses, “ums,” or tangents from your talking head footage!) 

3. No distractions.

Joel Witten 's class  Marketing Analytics Fundamentals
Joel Witten‘s class Marketing Analytics Fundamentals

High quality audio and video allow students to focus on the lesson. Avoid anything that might divert their attention, including background noises, poor lighting, blurry/unsteady footage, unclear audio, and cluttered desktops/backdrops. 

4. Clear expectations.

Faye Brown 's class  Branding Your Creative Business
Faye Brown‘s class Branding Your Creative Business

Students respond positively to some structure. Start with an introduction video explaining what you’re teaching, who you are, and what students will take away from the class. End with a conclusion video that summarizes your lessons, wraps up the class, and encourages students to complete (and share!) the project. 

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Written by:

Elissa Bernstein