As a teacher on Skillshare, your job is to give your students the tools they need to create an amazing project to share with the class. In addition to your video lessons, you’ll do this through the Project Assignment section of your class. The assignment you give your students should include a constraint that provides your students with a clear direction for what to create.

For example – “Write a piece of creative nonfiction on the most mysterious person you know.” With this specific prompt, students are able to dive in and get started right away. Within your class creator, you’ll notice that the Project Assignment section consists of an open text-field that you can use however you’d like. We encourage you to be creative and use this space to give your students all the resources and inspiration they need to create something awesome!

Here are a few things to include in your assignment:

  1. Title – your project title should start with an action verb and clearly indicate what students will create. Include your specific project constraint in your title – instead of “Create a hand-lettered envelope,” try “Create a uniquely hand-lettered envelope to surprise a friend in the mail.”
  2. Description – provide an overview of what students will create and why this project will allow them to hone their skills. Indicate which video lessons students should focus on when working on the project. Also be sure to include any necessary materials that students will need to complete the assignment.
  3. Deliverable – outline what your students’ final project should include. What does a completed project look like, and what should students share in the project gallery?
  4. Additional resources – include additional resources to inspire and assist your students as they work on their assignment. These can include articles, interviews, graphs, images, Ted Talks, Youtube videos, and anything else you think will be helpful.

Here are some great examples of project assignments from other teachers:

For more on designing a great project for your class, check it out for free in Project-Based Teaching: Design a Class on Skillshare, or email us at!

Written by:

Nicole Kamra