Success on Skillshare looks a bit different for all our teachers.

Some rely on their monthly Skillshare payments to support their families or as their main source of income while others use their Skillshare earnings to pay for fun extras like dinners out. Curious what success on Skillshare might look like for you? Take a look at 3 of our teachers to get an idea of how teaching on Skillshare can help you reach your goals whether it’s building up your savings account or funding your next vacation.


Title: Motion Designer + Animator

Earnings: 75% of Jake’s monthly income comes from Skillshare and he supports his family with his earnings from Skillshare. 

Career Growth: Left his day job and began freelancing full time. 


Title: Illustrator + Designer

Earnings: Ohn Mar earns $1,250 – $3,500 a month from teaching on Skillshare and uses her earnings to fund trips and pay for her kid’s expenses. 

Career Growth: Ohn Mar views Skillshare as a way to pay forward the kindness and training she has received over the course of her life. 


Title: Product Designer

Earnings: Rich earns $900+ a month from teaching on Skillshare and used his earnings to fund a move to Amsterdam

Career growth: Rich’s entire career is based remotely and he works out of his studio in Amsterdam. 

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Written by:

Astrid Adam