On February 8, 2023, Skillshare launched the Subscribe to Something Better campaign.

The old ways of working … well, they might not be working so well anymore. Whether you’ve transitioned from in office to full-time remote, and maybe then back into the office, or your priorities have shifted over the last few chaotic years, work just isn’t feeling quite like it used to.

And why should it? More and more, creative professionals around the world are accepting that work is just one part of who they are. You might also be someone who is getting their side hustle Shopify shop off the ground. Or maybe you’re mastering some productivity hacks so that 9 to 5 can transition into more of a 9 to thrive.

Wherever you are on your own career journey, Skillshare is here to help with thousands of hands-on, creative classes to illuminate your next step. If you’re not quite sure where to start, our quick quiz will point you in the right direction.

Take it from Joy Cho

Joy Cho speaks the truth about making work work for her. She’s done it all, from launching her own multifaceted lifestyle brand Oh Joy!, to licensing products for retail giant Target, among others.

In her new Skillshare Original class, Pitch Please: Attract Brands & Boost Your Creative Business, she offers a step-by-step guide to pitching your favorite brands, giving you the tools to land your dream collaborations. She also offers 5 expert tips to refresh your career.

Joy Cho launched her Oh Joy! brand in 2005. Now she shares her expertise with other aspiring entrepreneurs via Skillshare.

Office Hours with Rebecca Minkoff

One of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in fashion, Rebecca Minkoff has built a global business and successful brand. Now she’s here to teach you how to do the same in her Skillshare Original class, Build Your Business and Brand: Translating Your Passion Into a Plan.

But first, she’s ready to tackle all of your burning questions about work right now with her expert advice. From remote work to side hustles, join Rebecca for her candid office hours, and then learn how to build an iconic brand with her Build Your Brand Learning Path.

Watch as fashion mogul Rebecca Minkoff talks about everything from burnout and “quiet quitting” to side hustles and goal-setting.

If you’re looking to further your professional skills or just your personal wins, you can try Skillshare for free. This month only, enjoy your first month on us with code: BETTER2023

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