Stumped on the topic of your next class? We know that choosing a class topic can be challenging. So to help, we’ve compiled a list of hot topics to teach!  

The list is split into two sections, “Current Popular” and “Up & Coming.”

There are already a lot of classes in the “Currently Popular” topics, but they are endlessly popular with our 3 million members!  Students want to watch tons of different classes, taught in unique styles across these areas.

The “Up & Coming” topics are ones that our team has seen take off across the online learning market and that we have gotten specific requests for on Skillshare. By teaching one of these, you’ll build a cutting edge brand and help us define the category moving forward! 

Once you have selected your next topic, head to the Teach Page to start your class draft. Have questions about your topic idea, email us at – we would love to help! 

Written by:

Claire Smilow