With classes on rock poster design, geometric animal illustration, Adobe Illustrator fundamentals, and everything in between, DKNG gives you the tools you need to create some rockin’ designs. 

DKNG is the design studio alias of graphic artists Dan Khuken and Nathan Goldman. Since 2005 they’ve been putting their unique spin on promotional content for the entertainment industry — whether that’s a design for movies like Star Wars: Rogue One and Tron, or a gig poster for bands like The Black Keys and Phish. They even create promotional content for major music festivals across the world like Bonnaroo and OutsideLands. 

While there are a ton of players in the design world, DKNG never allows themselves to get lost in the fray. With their vibrant illustration style and dedication to creating a distinct visual aesthetic, DKNG’s carved out an unmistakable niche for themselves as top tier entertainment designers.

Luckily they’ve decided to bring the rest of us along for the ride with their wildly popular Skillshare design classes. The most recent of which is a class on creating cohesive icon sets that are, for lack of a better word, iconic. Even though these classes are crazy popular, the biggest testament to the clarity of DKNG’s teaching style is perhaps all the awesome projects produced by their students. These student projects display some of the finest design and illustration work on Skillshare, and in order to celebrate the release of DKNG’s landmark fifth class, we’d like to give these varied artists a chance in the spotlight. 

Who knows, maybe one of these designers will be sketching out a poster for your new favorite movie, band, or music festival one day soon! 

Projects From Rock Poster Design: From Concept Development to Execution

This psychedelic astronaut was designed by Fabian Molina, an artist/designer living in San Francisco. 

This foxy ouroboros was designed by artist Danielle Richey.

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This little pigeon with the heart of an owl was created by Seattle based designer Justin Froning.

Projects from Poster Design: Textures and Halftones for Screen Printing

This textured Buddha comes to you from designer Helena Mayagoitia.

Brought to you by London artist Nora ElGazzar, with a design harkening back to her Egyptian roots. 

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This “Imperial Russian Stout” project was created by designer Jeremy Kramer. 

Projects from Illustration for Designers: Create Your Own Geometric Animal

This majestic bighorn sheep was designed by graphic designer Matt Anderson. 

This stunning geometric elephant project was cooked up by designer Anghelos Coulon.

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Wow. This electrifying geometric jellyfish was created by digital artist Iva Risek. 

Projects from Mastering Illustrator: 10 Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow

Designed by artist Michelle Francis. Great texturing on the moon, lighthouse, and trees! 

In Dragonwell, artist Jenny Yu experiments with live corners, targeting layers, giving depth to simple shapes, and custom pattern stroke. Inspired by Dragonwell Tea! 

Lone Star State pride on display in this student project from illustrator Ryan Vatzlavick. 

Projects from DKNG’s Newest Class Illustrating an Icon Set: Design a Cohesive Series. Join Today!

This icon set of famous movie cars (Hateful 8, Team America, and Skyfall respectively) was created by designer Anthony Harle. 

An icon set of famous robots (Wall-E, R2D2, and Weebo) designed by Stuthi Vasudevan. 

This icon set of famous 20th Century Fox Sci-Fi movies (The Martian, Independence Day, and Avatar) comes from graphic designer Ana-Irina Vescan. 

If you’re looking to dive into design and illustration, whether that’s learning how to create a geometric animal, a one-of-a-kind icon set, or a vibrant rock poster, DKNG’s Skillshare classes are the perfect way to begin. Take all 5 of DKNG’s classes, plus 15,000 others, by signing up for Skillshare today.

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Written by:

Lance Wildorf