Many artists can remember the first time they sold their work. That special moment where they thought “I could do this.” That time when a side hustle became more than a hobby you love, but potentially a viable means to make both a living, and to make someone else’s day. The good news is: Society6 ensures that day can happen that much sooner in the lifetime of an artist.

We’ve partnered with Society6 and three of our talented Skillshare teachers/artists to help you create incredible artwork, market it, and boost your online sales right on Society6. Tune into our classes and then head right on over to there to start selling your gorgeous creations.

Skillshare Top Teachers Gia Graham, Chris Piascik, and Charly Clements teach you the Society6 essentials.
Skillshare Top Teachers Gia Graham, Chris Piascik, and Charly Clements teach you the Society6 essentials.

What is Society6?

To put it simply, Society6 is an online marketplace where artists can sell their work in various ways, shapes, and means. It’s the best place to turn a pattern you love into a print or a cell phone case or even a shower curtain. As an artist, Society6 empowers you to start your own shop, and easily stock it with items that appeal to you, from wall art to textiles, to tech, to furniture. And you can do this all without having to become an expert on how every last thing is fabricated, and without handling all of the logistics of fulfillment and shipping all on your own. 

As a customer, Society6 is the best destination online to explore and shop independent artists. Whether you’re looking to discover your next favorite patternmaker, or simply want to inject some personality into any room in your house (or any piece of tech you own, even your own wardrobe as Society6 sells clothes, too!), Society6 has you covered. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan looking for themed artwork with style, or just want a poppy print of bananas as a throw rug, there’s really something for every style right on the platform. But don’t think that if you’re a minimalist, Society6 isn’t for you. There are countless solid color options or simple patterns that can fit with just about any style of home. You can search through thousands of options to find your perfect blanket or towel or laptop case or yoga mat, and so much more.

How Does Society6 Work?

For artists, Society6 works fairly simply. Every purchase made by a customer puts money back in the hands of artists. If you’re looking to showcase your work on Society6, they’ve made it fairly simple.

  1. Upload your work. You’ll need to create an account first, but you start with the artwork you want to sell.
  2. Design and choose your products. You can select from their myriad of products the ones that you want to see your artwork on. Typical choices include selections across home decor, prints, apparel, tech, and lifestyle products.
  3. Get to selling! Once you have your products selected and your artwork looking great, all you need to do is sell and see those earnings come in. From there, Society6 fulfills and ships all the art out, so you can just get to creating (and uploading more!).

For customers, Society6 works like any other online marketplace. You search for the categories or types of things you want to buy (or just online window shop and search through anything), and purchase the options from the artwork or artist you love most. Easy as pie.

At Skillshare, we’ve compiled three classes to take you through the essentials to get started on Society6. Whether you need to strengthen your personal brand, learn the hard skills to bring your creative vision to life, or just need a confidence (and strategic boost) to putting yourself out there, we have you covered. Let’s dive into our classes.

Create Cohesive Pieces to Help Strengthen Your Brand on Society 6

Skillshare Top Teacher Chris Piascik has long been a favorite of the community. His distinct approach to illustration started with a daily drawing project in 2007 and has continued all the way to now. His work has been seen across Nickelodeon, Adidas, The Washington Post, Cartoon Network, and more. 

Skillshare Top Teacher Chris Piascik’s signature illustrative style
Skillshare Top Teacher Chris Piascik’s signature illustrative style

In this Skillshare class, you can expect all that students have come to know and love about Chris as he talks about all the tools you need to strengthen your personal brand. You’ll spend some time learning how to create a unique personal style that really resonates and stands out from the noise. And you’ll end up with some new work to call your own, including a repeat pattern based on your interests, and an illustrated phrase to pair with the series.

Chris’ class makes the perfect entryway to selling your artwork on Society6, because not only will it boost your confidence as an artist and give you tangible skills for understanding your own approach and work, it will also give you three new distinct pieces to turn right around and list and sell today.

Define Your Personal Brand

Learn to create cohesive pieces and sell them on Society6 with Chris Piascik.

Stand Out on Society6: A Roadmap to Creating Art that Sells

Skillshare Top Teacher Charly Clements teaches Stand Out on Society 6
Skillshare Top Teacher Charly Clements teaches Stand Out on Society6

Another Skillshare Top Teacher brings her immeasurable talents to helping you get on Society6 and sell products that people truly love. Charly Clements. Charly is a UK-based greeting card designer and freelance illustrator, known among the Skillshare community for her incredible color palettes and her total creative command over her iPad Pro (where she makes the bulk of her art). Her “Fun With” series on Skillshare is a student favorite, from Fun with Figures to Fun with Spaces to Fun with Faces, and thousands of students have joined her Live classes to create alongside Charly and learn from her approachable tips and tricks.

In this new Skillshare class, Charly outlines key steps to help you stand out among the thousands of quality artists already on the platform. The class is highly interactive and action-packed, so come prepared to start brainstorming, trendspotting, and creating. You’ll learn all the tools to help you stand out, set a calendar so you’re ahead of the game for holidays and seasons, and design products that people really love.

If you’re nervous about selling your art on Society6 or even beginning to understand how to market artwork on your own, this class is the primer you need. It’s got the perfect amount of encouragement, creative inspiration, and true tips – from how to optimize your store to how to price your goods – to leave you feeling ready and inspired to get your business going.

Start Selling on Society6

Build your own roadmap to start selling alongside Charly Clements.

Poster Design in Procreate: Create Eye-Catching Wall Art to Sell Online

Gia Graham is a renowned designer, illustrator, hand lettering artist, and Skillshare Top Teacher based in Atlanta. She creates incredible illustrations right out of her own home studio that she frequently shares on Instagram, or with the Skillshare community through her immensely popular classes. Her background covers everything from corporate design to branding, hand lettering art direction, photo styling, and stationery design, but her recent focus on licensing her artwork and creating products has made her the perfect pro to tell you all about how to sell your art online, and more specifically, selling your art on Society6.

Skillshare Top Teacher Gia Graham opts for Procreate on her iPad Pro in this Poster Design class.
Skillshare Top Teacher Gia Graham opts for Procreate on her iPad Pro in this Poster Design class.

In her Skillshare class, Gia Graham takes you through simple yet impactful steps to help you transform your hobby into a full-fledged passive income through poster design. If you’ve dreamed of seeing your creations as wall art in your home – or in the homes of loved ones or even strangers – then this class is for you.

Armed with just an iPad Pro and Procreate, Gia walks you through the basics of poster design, how to create a stunning poster with her signature take on hand lettering and illustration, all the way through to setting up your own shop on Society6 and uploading your artwork. You’ll even learn how to promote your store and market it out to your network, which is often the most daunting part to artists. By the end of the class, you will not only feel ready to sell your art, you’ll have your first piece to upload, choose the products you want to see it on, and start marketing. While you can certainly take this class at any level, we recommend being familiar with the very basics of hand lettering and illustration (and good news for you: you can learn those skills right here on Skillshare with Gia Graham, too).

Turn iPad Pro Illustrations into Sellable Art

Make your own poster and learn how to sell it on Society6 with Gia Graham.

Apply your Skillshare Skills to Society6

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can go from at-home artist to artist-selling-on-Society6. If you need a little inspiration to get you going, explore some illustration examples or lettering examples to get you started. Or if you’re not quite sure how this fits into your overall financial plan as an artist, it could be time to start or revisit an artist business plan.

Regardless of where this article finds you in your artistic journey, we can’t wait to see what you uncover as you take your creative skills from Skillshare and apply them to launching and growing your business on Society6.

Discover the Society6 x Skillshare Collection

Grow your personal brand, create art, and sell it on Society6.

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