This month we’re thrilled to highlight 5 teachers who have received recognition in online and IRL communities. Check out July’s roundup of teacher spotlights.


User researcher and experience designer Christie Lau recently spoke at London General Assembly’s event. Christie has worked with a wide range of clients, from start-ups, non-profits, the UK government, to investment banks. Learn how to create a storyboard with Christie in her class.

Brand manager and graphic designer Lindsay Marsh was interviewed on the Online Course Masters Podcast. In the interview, Lindsay talks about building an engaging community and her future plans for expanding her online course creation empire. Learn how to craft effective logos with Lindsay in her class.


Illustrator, animator, and graphic designer Julio Carvalho’s first animated short movie, Contemporanimos, was selected for the 50º Festival of Animation of Annecy, France. Julio’s short film shows the diversity and peculiarity of the contemporary music style. Learn how to draw leaves quickly with Julio in his class.

Writer and teacher Louise Tondeur was featured in the Literacy Consultancy blog, talking about how writers need to develop a business mindset. Louise has published two novels and a short story collection. Find time to write with Louise in her writing class


Creative, fashion photo editor, and digital artist instructor José Reis received a Silver and a Bronze medal in One Eyeland’s annual contest. José is passionate about advertising, fashion photography and digital art. Join José as he shares his process for adding digital art effects to photos.

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Written by:

Lisa Goza