2019 is off to an amazing start and we’re thrilled to highlight 5 teachers who have received recognition in online and IRL communities. Check out January’s roundup of teacher spotlights.

Code designer Aga Naplocha spoke at the world’s largest CSS conference dotCSS in Paris this past November. Bring your graphics to life with Aga in her creative coding class.


Illustrator Audrey Ko will speak next month at the Chicago Planner Conference 2019. Learn how to paint loose watercolor florals with Audrey in her watercolor class.


Fine Artist and Illustrator Mandar Marathe was featured on architecturaldigest.in for collaborating on a graffiti series featured in the headquarters of a beauty salon chain in Mumbai. Join Mandar in his sketch class.


Stephanie Fizer Coleman is the illustrator of a newly published Children’s book, Five Flying Penguins. Learn how to layer color and create texture in Stephanie’s Procreate class.


Digital Artist Lucas Ridley worked on VFX Oscar nominated box office films, Ready Player One and Welcome to Marwen. Learn 3D modeling with Lucas in his Maya for Beginners class.


Have you been acknowledged or featured outside of Skillshare? We want to hear about it! Fill out this form to let us know how you or your work has been spotlighted.

Written by:

Lisa Goza