Skillshare students around the world are applying their newly learned skills in the real-world. We hope you’ll be inspired by these projects!

Pauline Ibarra created Calligraphy prints as Christmas gifts in Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy.

Lori Danielle created post-holidays Thank You cards for close family and friends in The Final Steps of Hand-Lettering.

Katy Dwyer created a Kindle cover from her learnings in The Final Steps of Hand-Lettering.

Jimmy Balough uses tips and tricks from Introduction to Mobile Photography to capture beautiful images on the go.

Allie Runnion created business cards for her freelancing business in Typography That Works: Typographic Composition and Fonts.

Star St. Germain created a logo for Curbside Creamery in Logo Design: Let the Type Do the Talking.

DerDicke Gast created a screen print of a Rock on the Rocks festival poster in Rock Poster Design: From Concept Development to Execution.

Jake Caggige created a logo revision of his brand, Hemetic Trading Company in Illustration and Lettering: A Hands-on Approach to Label Design.

Julianne Beswick created a Mediterranean lamb meatball in Show Us Your Balls: Meatball Making with The Meatball Shop.

Ulrich Planer designed a t-shirt for his favorite brand, Johnny Cupcakes in Hey, Cool Shirt: Designing Effective T-shirt Graphics.

How are you applying your newly learned skills in the real-world?

Written by:

Dennissa Karnjanaprakorn