skillshare school

Skillshare’s mission is to transform education by empowering teaching and democratizing learning. We first introduced this concept as a way for anyone to have the opportunity to teach whatever they are passionate about. With the recent release of Skillshare Schools, we expand on this first step by empowering brands, small and medium businesses, non-profits, and other organizations (and their employees) to do the same.

The first Schools we’ve started with include those from GE, Ogilvy, and Forbes. The School of GE is a traveling “Garage” workshop to bring opportunities for education, innovation, and creation to communities around the country to reignite a pride and interest in manufacturing. Some of the classes in the School of GE include those taught by MakerBot, littleBits, and MAKE Magazine. Similarly, the School of Ogilvy provides classes on digital marketing by leading agency experts. The classes will focus on how marketing theory is applied in the industry, and all proceeds will be donated to PROJECT:2040. Finally, the School of Forbes allows students — both novice and experienced — to learn about real-world investment and financial planning tips directly from senior Forbes editors.

Organizations — from large companies to your local bakery — and their employees have tremendous expertise in what they do. Skillshare Schools allows your organization to channel those skills and passions towards your customers, fans, and followers, both old and new, all in an affordable and accessible manner.

We’re very excited with the prospect and possibilities of democratizing education through our Schools. If your company or organization is interested in creating its own School, please get in touch with us!

Written by:

Eric Ma