Millions of people all over the world use Skillshare to learn new skills, grow their careers, launch their side hustles, pursue their passions, and share their expertise. We hear from students in Skillshare reviews and class reviews, messages, emails, public testimonials and surveys, but we realized that some of you don’t see the same great feedback!

Wondering why so many people rely on Skillshare to learn new things? Fifteen students share their reasons below.

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  1. Skillshare Offers a Variety of Classes

“I love Skillshare for it’s variety of classes they offer. You can learn anything from knitting, to cooking, writing, logo design, analytics, photography, and so on. The platform has thousands of classes on any topic you can think of. The classes are taught by business owners, freelancers, and people loving what they teach about which is a nice change when you compare it to classes at your school where some teachers seem like they don’t really care about the topic they teach.” – Michaela P.

“There is SUCH a wide array of skills and topics covered in some form or another. And the team does a great job of maintaining high-quality content from the instructors and their presentations. I also really like the class suggestions – I’ve found many that I’m very interested in simply because they’ve been suggested based on my interests. Awesome!” – Amanda D.

“The breadth of classes available is staggering. I’m impressed with just how far down I can drill into certain specialties. Well worth the monthly fee. I’m learning new skills in software animation, music recording, storyboarding, anthropology, and cooking, and I’m just getting started on my second month.”  – Joseph H.


2.  Skillshare Offers Classes that are Valuable

“I have been using Skillshare for 6 months now, specifically for learning and improving creative writing skills, and I am very impressed. The quality and value of the course material and teaching is very good. The overall value of the site is also very good. I would like to see some improvements in the UI, navigation and discovery, but overall I still give it five stars.” – Lance C.

“I think Skillshare is broad and inspiring. I love how I can touch up on my guitar skills and then learn something completely new on creative programs. I have finished 90% of classes feeling extremely satisfied.” – Mel B.

“As someone who loves learning, and who is in an industry that requires you to keep your skills sharp if you want to succeed, it’s important for me to have resources, like Skillshare, that I can go to to keep learning. There’s a great variety of classes — in terms of subject matter, length, and instructors — and the project-based approach really pushes me to actually make something with what I’ve learned as opposed to watching a few tutorials to fill time. I’ve realized that if you don’t use what you learn, you lose it.” – Greg S.


3. Skillshare Helped me Jump-Start My Creativity

“The biggest benefit I’ve found with [Skillshare] is that I’ve returned to this super creative state of mind – I get to experiment, learn new things, and have fun, without the restrictions of a client or boss hanging over my head.” – Rich A.

4. Skillshare Helped Me Kick-Start My Career

“As a designer, I need to constantly be on top of current trends, and current needs. Adding the skill to create motion graphics helped immensely personally (learning a new skill is always exciting) and professionally (made gifs and other simple motion videos for my job)” – Jessie T.

“I cannot do my job as well without Skillshare. That’s the truth. I like the results of my work better, now that I’ve been taking classes.” – Bryan M.

“Skillshare really honed my visual narratives and compelling storytelling skills. I have gone through a lot of courses and blogs about personal branding, and they’ve been extremely beneficial in finding my voice–my real one.” – Cath P.


5. Skillshare Helped Me Move to a New Industry

“Skillshare has helped me build a portfolio from scratch and has introduced new interests in my career. Thanks to Skillshare and the opportunity to be able to take online courses with professionals in the industry, I was able to attain a full time design job in NYC! Dreams do come true!” – Diana

“If I hadn’t found…Skillshare, I don’t know that I’d be an illustrator today. I hadn’t heard of illustration before, and I loved his class so much that afterwards I kept drawing in a playful way, focusing on having fun and enjoying the process. Through all these experiments I started to find my voice as an artist and thinking about illustrating professionally.” – Amanda B.

6. Skillshare Helped Me Do My Own Thing

I’ve been a skillshare user for two years now and it’s been really useful for me. I’m a freelance designer, and it allowed me to learn alot of specific skills i didn’t learn in school in for a very fair price. each month there are new exciting things to learn. it is a subscription business, so you have to be aware of that if you start a trial, but i use several subscription services so this doesn’t bother me. – Bridgit

“I’ve spent the last year building my own start-up, and I used Skillshare to augment nearly every step of that process. We are officially launching in one week, and I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Will M.

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7. Skillshare’s Classes are Fun!

“I personally love Skillshare- especially when I just want a fun free-time project, where I might be able to pick up some new skills and/or ideas. Of course, not all the classes are great, but there are some truly awesome ones and they’re always adding more.” – Poodles_on_wheels

“I’ve been recommending Skillshare to friends ever since I started taking classes!” – Alisa D.

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Written by:

Rachel Gorman