Skillshare is thrilled to announce its partnership with Spotify, a groundbreaking collaboration that brings creative skill-building content directly to Spotify’s vast audience. This test signifies a step forward in accessible learning, allowing Skillshare to reach people where they already spend their time—listening to their favorite artists and podcasts. 

By integrating video-based courses into Spotify’s platform, Skillshare can expand the horizon of learning opportunities through a vibrant, dynamic environment that allows users to easily transition from entertainment to education. This collaboration embodies Skillshare’s commitment to innovation and mission to make learning more accessible, engaging, and integrated into the daily lives of millions.

More importantly, the partnership with Spotify marks a significant stride in Skillshare’s dedication to supporting its teachers. By integrating their courses into Spotify’s ecosystem, creators can gain the opportunity to significantly broaden their reach and connect with a new and diverse audience. This expansion not only enhances their impact and presence in their fields but also fosters new opportunities for professional and financial growth. It’s a transformative development that underscores Skillshare’s commitment to empowering its creative community and fostering their success.

As of March 28, 2024,  Spotify users in the UK  can find video courses for purchase alongside their favorite music, podcasts, and audiobook content. The content for courses on Spotify covers a variety of topics categorized into four main themes: making music, fostering creativity, developing business skills, and maintaining personal health goals. 

“Testing courses in the UK allows us to explore an exciting opportunity to fill a unique gap in the learning market by connecting select course creators with our highly engaged community of users who we know have an active interest in learning,” shares Babar Zafar, VP Product Development at Spotify. “At Spotify, we’re constantly striving to create new offerings for our creators and users and having built best-in-class personalized music and podcast offerings, we look forward to exploring the potential of video-based learning on Spotify”  

Susan Agliata, VP, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at Skillshare shares, “Together with Spotify, we look forward to bringing the best of Skillshare to new audiences when and where they want to learn. Experts and icons in their fields, our creators educate and inspire, offering a range of high-demand skill-building opportunities for both established and aspiring creatives.

Through this test with Spotify, we’re excited to experiment with innovative discovery environments that bring learning opportunities to the right user, in the right context, at the right time. Expanding Skillshare’s distribution to these new surfaces not only allows us to continue democratizing access to creative education but helps our teachers grow their brands and businesses.”

For this test, UK Spotify Free users and Premium subscribers will be able to trial at least two lessons per course for free before making the decision to purchase additional lessons. In the UK? Try it out for yourself:

  • On the Spotify mobile app, UK users will find course videos in the home and browse tabs.
  • Once clicked through, users can explore available courses for purchase across the four categories.
  • On desktop:
  • Users can select courses they’re interested in and, upon purchase, start learning by watching on mobile app or desktop.

In addition to Skillshare, Spotify has partnered with Thinkific Labs Inc., PLAYvirtuoso, and BBC Maestro, for this test.

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