Photography is taking off in the freelance economy– from novice photographers who are looking to take their skills to a more advanced level, to freelancers who are trying to snap a great shot of their products as they prepare to launch their own business. As you can imagine, quality photography classes are in high demand here at Skillshare– students are looking for classes that will help them launch their photography business, whether that’s mastering the art of good portrait photography or figuring out to how to manage their photo libraries. We’re hoping to help students find the class they’re looking for.

As you get started putting your class together, here are a couple of key tips to make sure your photography class can help freelancers and budding businesses find what they’re looking for!


Many students are familiar with the broad ideas around what’s needed to take a great photo, but often lack an in depth understanding of what skills are needed to make it happen. We recommend sharing a specific skill with your students– composition or aperture can be taught in the framework of a class that is exploring event photography, but think about what’s the easiest way to help students internalize the fundamentals. While we have listed in demand topics below, don’t be afraid to differentiate yourself if you have a unique class in mind.

In demand topics include:

Photography Fundamentals: (Exposure, shutter speed, lighting, and composition)

– Teach a class that explore the basic elements of a well executed photo

Gear Fundamentals: (Camera types, DSLR, Accessories)

– Do you feel confident in using your gear? Teach students all about the power of the cameras they have!

Genre Specific Photography: (Product, Event, and Portrait photography)

– Teach freelancers that are working on developing their personal brand and business how to capture the best shots of their products or opening events.

Photo Editing: (Lightroom, Apple Photo, Photoshop)

– Think you’re an editing guru? Teach students how to make their photos stand out with the tools at their disposal.

Post-Production Workflow: (Library + Asset Management)

– Mastering your workflow can often be a challenge- teach a class on how to store and catalog photos, so as to not lose your amazing work!

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