Digital marketing is a huge and quickly growing employment opportunity around the world – in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are almost 200,000 people working as Marketing Managers in the United States alone. Not only are there tens of thousands of Skillshare members looking for content to help them move into the marketing profession or to improve in their current marketing roles, but there are also tens of thousands entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers, and small business owners who come to the site for the marketing education necessary to take their work to the next level.

As you can imagine, quality digital marketing teachers on Skillshare are in high demand and we are here to help them find success!

To get started, the first step is to come up with a class topic you are excited about and then to check out some of the top digital marketing classes on the site to get your ideas flowing for class production.

Come up With the Right Topic

Student’s frequently have a broad understanding of how marketing works, but often lack the specific skills necessary to execute on their ideas – so it’s best if you can share specific skills or expertise. While we have listed in demand topics below, don’t be afraid to differentiate yourself if you have a unique class in mind.

In demand topics include: 

Paid Marketing (Facebook advertising, Adwords, affiliate marketing, & retargeting)

     – Have a specific expertise such as podcast marketing or paid content syndication – go for it!

Analytics (Google Analytics, Excel, Tableau)

     – If you’re interested, consider going deeper and teaching a SQL Class. 

Content Marketing (social media content marketing, SEO, lead generation & conversion) 

     – If you are the creative type, consider a class on copywriting or content ideation! 

Retention & Lifecycle Marketing (email marketing, referral programs & loyalty programs) 

     – Want to stretch your technical skills? Take this category to the next level by teaching a class on AB testing or HTML. 

Check out Some Example Classes

Here are some of the top Marketing classes on the platform. While you should not feel limited by the production styles of these classes, definitely reference them as you consider the look and feel of our own class. Some things that stand out are the cover photos on their lessons and class descriptions, class length and organization, the specific examples they reference, the filming techniques, and class projects.

  1. Faye Brown – Branding Your Creative Business: Social Media For Your Business

  2. Rand Fishkin – Seo That Matters: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

  3. Nate Ginsberg – 9 Simple Steps To Your First Adwords Campaign

  4. Allyson Van Houten – Getting Started With Email Marketing

  5. Peg Fitzpatrick – Pinterest Marketing 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs

  6. Al Chen – Excel for the Real World: Gain the Basic Skills of Microsoft Excel

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for our 30-day Teach Challenge will will walk you through exactly how to make your first class and offer awesome prizes along the way.

Written by:

Claire Smilow