The fact is, lifelong learning is something your team already cares about. A Randstad US study revealed that 82 percent of employees feel lifelong learning is important. And yet, 40 percent said their employer doesn’t provide upskilling opportunities.

Even more compelling, the vast majority of employees (94 percent) say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. If you want to give your team the learning opportunities they crave, Skillshare for Teams can help. 

What Is Skillshare for Teams (SFT)? 

Simply put, Skillshare for Teams (SFT) is the leading creative learning program for companies and teams looking to invest in their employees’ well-being and professional development.

More specifically, it’s an online learning solution that intersects personal and professional growth. Businesses using SFT benefit from an increased ability to attract and retain talent, as well as a more educated and up-to-date workforce, while employees benefit from ongoing learning and the fulfillment it brings. 

Skillshare’s mission is to encourage lifelong learning for all, and we want to help promote that ongoing learning culture, even in the workplace. With SFT, we aim to reimagine team learning and development to empower employees to become lifelong learners.

What Does SFT Offer? 

With thousands upon thousands of inspiring Skillshare classes to choose from, SFT has something for everyone, no matter their role or skill level. 

Taught by our community of industry experts and thought leaders, every class is guaranteed to engage. Our classes are easily digestible, available on-demand and feature interactive projects for any team member to not only participate in but also share with fellow colleagues.

Dedicated to creating successful organizations and happy teams, our classes cover topics ranging in the following areas:

No matter which types of skills your team aims to develop, SFT has classes to help make it happen. 

And since just 45 minutes of art making has been found to significantly reduce stress, it’s safe to say that even if participants take classes purely for creative purposes, your team can still benefit. 

How Is SFT Different from an Individual Plan? 

Whether your team is looking to build hard skills or find a new creative outlet, Skillshare for Teams is personalized to each individual and is designed to benefit your whole team.

To achieve that, SFT plans have all the features of individual plans, plus: 

  • Streamlined billing: Make billing a breeze by consolidating your team’s payment process into one account.
  • Simple user management: Add, remove and manage your team members through an easy-to-use admin page.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities: Quickly access insights about your plan and team, from team engagement to class-specific reports. (While not all of our plans come with advanced reporting, we are working on including in-app reporting for every SFT plan type.)
  • Tiered pricing: Get the best value for your team with bulk purchasing and cost-effective options for teams of all sizes. 

Is SFT Right for You?

If you want to invest in upskilling your team for success, offer a perk to support employee personal growth or both, Skillshare for Teams is designed to help you do just that.

Our learning is based on innovation and flexibility to meet any team’s needs. 

And if you choose to use Skillshare for Teams, you’ll be in good company. We work with a diverse range of companies to upskill their employees, including: 

  • Adobe
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Lululemon
  • VICE
  • Microsoft
  • Ogilvy
  • Google

Concerned your team is too small (or too big) to justify SFT? With our three distinct tiers, there’s a plan that’s tailored for your team and budget:

  • Starter: Best for teams of 2–19, the Starter tier is perfect for small teams looking to begin their learning and skill development journeys. Even better, it’s available for an affordable flat annual rate. 
  • Enterprise: Best for teams of 20 or more, the Enterprise tier is ideal for teams looking to focus on learning and development, meet business objectives, attract and retain talent and stay ahead of trends.
  • Revive: Best for teams of 51 or more, the Revive tier is built to serve larger companies seeking to improve employee well-being and offer a valuable perk that everyone in the organization can use to meet their personal goals. 

Whichever plan you choose, you and your team will be well equipped to learn, grow and develop new skills together. 
If you’re ready to see what Skillshare for Teams can do for your team, request your free demo today.

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