There’s something magical that happens when we explore our creativity. A little piece of us becomes unlocked. There’s that special quality that comes from getting better at a skill, of trying and failing and trying again, of simply enjoying the joy of progress, not perfection. We’ve seen that special magic emerge out of countless Skillshare classes over the year (and in year’s past). From learning how to watercolor to mastering the art of knitting. From illustrated journaling to prompts all the way to learning how to draw with colored pencils. We have thousands of classes with nearly unlimited possibilities all aimed at bringing you closer to your creative self.

This month, we compiled our top trending classes – the most popular Skillshare classes that you have been telling us you love. Whether you’re a novice to a new skill or you’re just getting back into the groove, any of the following Skillshare classes is a great place to start to unlock your creativity. Here’s the best of October.

Self Care Classes

Skillshare Top Teacher Mimi Chao in her new Staff Pick class, "Make Your Creative Space: A Simple & Inspiring Guide"
Skillshare Top Teacher Mimi Chao in her new Staff Pick class, “Make Your Creative Space: A Simple & Inspiring Guide”

Make Your Creative Space: A Simple & Inspiring Guide

Top Teacher Mimi Chao shares tips on how to get inspired and be protective of your coveted creative space. Her hands-on guide will walk you through how to navigate feeling creatively blocked, and how your creative space can help you tackle problems big and small. Remove distractions, get focused, and spark inspiration in this super compelling, easy-to-follow class.

Illustrated Journaling II: 14 MORE Days of Prompts

Another Skillshare Top Teacher Dylan Mierzwinski brings her signature artistic sensibilities to her second series of illustrated journaling. In this Skillshare Staff Pick class, you’ll create 14 full color-filled illustrated journal entries along with Dylan. The class is designed to take over two weeks. While you can take the class at your own leisurely pace, we’ve found that challenging yourself to stay artistic for a two week streak is the perfect parameter to unblock any inspiration. Dylan’s prompts are there to guide you, but there’s so much room for personal interpretation. Get started and make each prompt your own.

Photography Classes

Street Photography Compositions: 5 Techniques for Standout Photos

Skillshare Original teacher Craig Whitehead never disappoints. In Street Photography Composition: 5 Techniques For Standout Photos, Craig helps you hone in on your eye for strong compositions, be mindful of the perfect moment to capture a magical photo, find the perfect light, and master your street photography practice. Whether you’re on an iPhone or on a fancy DSLR, there’s plenty to learn from Craig’s incredible approach.

iPhone Portrait Photography: Build a Photo Series for Social

Famed New York photographer Jeremy Cohen takes his skills to a brand new Skillshare Original, designed to help you see the world better through your iPhone. This Skillshare class is perfect for all levels, as Jeremy clearly lays out how to set your iPhone up for maximum edit control, how to use light, how to photograph people, and then turning your creations into incredible videos for your TikTok, Reels, or Stories. Whether you’re a frequent photographer or just looking to dabble, this is a fantastic class to help take your photos up a notch.

Crafts Classes

Knitting 101: Everything You Need to Knit With Confidence

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? Now’s your time. Take it from Vincent Williams in his new Skillshare Original, “Knitting 101: Everything You Need to Knit with Confidence.” In the class, Vincent teaches students how to choose the right tools, read common knitting patterns, and walks you through two basic stitches: the knit and the purl. By the time you’re done, you’ll be all set to knit your very own creations, whether it’s a scarf, a hat, or you name it!

Painting Classes

Anyone Can Paint: Learn to Paint 10 Easy Watercolor Sunsets

This Skillshare Staff Pick does not disappoint. Zaneena Nabeel has an eye for sunsets, and is adept at recreating those in watercolor form. In her compelling Skillshare class, she takes all levels through everything you’d need to paint your own mini sunsets. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be painting what inspires you in as little as ten minutes. Best yet, you’ll start to see sunsets in a whole new, beautiful light.

Easy Peasy Palettes: Quick Color Tips to Transform Your Work

Skillshare top teacher Sarah Beth Morgan is back with a brand new class that covers all things color palettes. As many artists know, a piece of art can come to life based on the colors you choose. In this class, you’ll learn how color affects concept, mood, and narrative, as Sarah walks through five mini tutorials to help you pick your next great palette. Start with Adobe Photoshop and learn along with Sarah.

Drawing Classes

Coloured Pencil Drawing Fundamentals: Create a Realistic Portrait

There’s nothing quite like drawing, is there? Take it from Temi Danso in our Skillshare Staff Pick, “Coloured Pencil Drawing Fundamentals: Create a Realistic Portrait.” Temi walks you through finding a good reference picture, capturing the likeness, picking the right skin tone colors, creating smooth skin, and perfecting a polished finish on the drawing so you’re left with a spectacularly realistic portrait. If you’ve thought about improving your sketching, undertones, blending, or just those fine details, this is the class for you.

There are thousands of classes to search through through, take, retake, and share with your friends on Skillshare. Whether you’re looking to learn a new cooking technique, level up your photography skills, take up watercolor for the first time, get back into drawing, or try woodworking as a hobby, you can find all these options and more right here.

Featured image by Temi Danso.

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