Spooky season has arrived! It’s time for ghosts, ghouls and goblins — or maybe just a couple pieces of candy.

No matter your Halloween plans, it’s always a treat to learn something new. Here’s a collection of September’s most popular Skillshare classes to help you pick up some new tricks.

Self-Care & Creativity Classes

Develop a Sketchbook Practice: Unleash Creativity & Embrace Self-Care

A sketchbook with two black-and-white illustrations, one of a basil plant and one of a zinnia. Part of a hand holding a black watercolor tip marker are also visible in the shot.
Capturing the beauty of the natural world in your sketchbook can help improve your mood and outlook.

Artists swear by keeping a sketchbook to develop your technique, explore new styles and even unlock creative ideas you might have missed otherwise.

But the question of how to begin a sketchbook practice often stops budding artists in their tracks. Let watercolor artist Anne Butera show you how to move past the fear of the blank page and into a bold artistic future. 

Bullet Journaling: Life Management for Creatives

Hands holding an open bullet journal, which sits on a light brown wood surface.
Easy to start and deeply customizable, bullet journaling is the creative mind’s best friend.

If you’re a busy person—and who isn’t?—then you already know sometimes, life just gets in the way. It can feel overwhelming, even impossible, to keep track of everything you need to get done. Illustrator Dylan Mierzwinski knows that feeling well. 

Luckily, she found bullet journaling, a personal, customizable organization system that can help you keep yourself on track. Her knowledge and guidance will help you build a journaling system that works for you. 

Procreate Classes

70 Procreate Shortcuts in 15 Minutes: Learn Gestures to Improve Your Workflow

An iPad displaying stylized red text on a pink background reading “Creativity is deeply personal. It’s an emotional journey that evokes vulnerability and bravery. To be vulnerable is to be brave. Peggy Dean.” Peggy’s hands are also visible in the shot.
Learning even a few of Peggy Dean’s tried and true Procreate gestures can radically improve your workflow.

Calling all Procreate users with fifteen minutes to spare: your workflow is about to change for the better. Let illustrator Peggy Dean teach you 70 (yes, 70!) Procreate gestures that will make your work process quicker, easier, and more streamlined. You won’t believe how much time you can save with just a few swipes and pinches. 

Writing Classes

Memoir Journaling: Make Your Life Richer Through Stories

A split screen view; on the right hand side is the text of a journal entry from August 21, 2022. On the right hand side, a woman with dark hair sits at her desk, in front of her open journal, looking at the camera.
Journaling can help you make sense of your life through storytelling.

Content creator Lana Blakely wants to ensure she holds onto her most important memories. So she started memoir journaling as a way to keep it all on record, discovering along the way that she loves the process. You’ll do five journaling exercises with her that will improve your journaling, expand your mind and deepen your understanding of self. And don’t forget—your journals will keep your precious memories safe for years to come. 

Graphic Design Classes

Practical Graphic Design: Craft Beautiful Documents with Adobe InDesign

A screenshot from a graphic design project mid-process in InDesign. In the center we see an image of a vintage convertible on a road surrounded by palm trees, under the headline “Classic Cars.”
Any document can be elevated with a little design knowledge and a few of Parson’s InDesign tricks.

If you want your work to be taken seriously, it needs to capture an audience’s attention. Graphic Designer Kyle Aaron Parson wants to help you use InDesign to create documents that will wow any audience, no matter what you’re presenting. Whether you’re designing business cards, articles, brochures, or just trying to build your design skills, you’ll want to make time for Kyle’s advice. 

Abstract Gradients in Adobe Illustrator: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Organic Vibrant Artworks

A collection of abstract images in shades of purple, orange, blue and pink, each with a word overlaid on top. Words include vanity, silence, desire, sublimation, passion, capture, and lure.
Abstract art allows for interpretation, emotion and growth. Designer Evgeniya Righini-Brand can show you how to create all that and more.

Abstract gradients are fascinating to look at, but what exactly goes into creating them? Is it impossibly difficult to create something so ethereal? Evgeniya Righini-Brand knows the secrets of gradient meshes in Illustrator, and she’s ready to show you how it’s done. Spend an hour with her, and walk away with the tools you need to create abstract gradients of your own. 

Painting Classes

Master Masking Fluid in Watercolor Painting: 10 Days of Discovery

A watercolor painting of flowers and leaves, done in various shades of blue and green, with some of the flowers represented by negative space. The artist’s hands, watercolor palette, and paintbrush are also partially in the shot.
Artist Ohn Mar Win creates a stunning botanical scene with watercolors.

Masking fluid can be tricky to work with, and artist Ohn Mar Win has heard about it from students around the world. Ohn Mar’s expert guidance can help you create dimension and visual interest in your watercolor paintings when using this misunderstood artistic tool. Join her on a journey to discover the magic of masking fluid. 

Music Classes

Beginner Guitar: Terminology, Tuning & Reading Music

Guitarist Taylor Gamble stands while playing a guitar inside a sound booth. Behind her are amps and other recording equipment.
Picking up a guitar is just the first step, but Gamble can guide you down the road to musical success.

Have you ever watched a concert or music video, wistfully wishing you could play the guitar too? This is your sign to get started. Musician Taylor Gamble has been playing guitar since she was just a child, and she’s got the knowledge you need to go from novice to rock star. Join her for an in-depth dive into the basics of guitar playing, part of the Complete Guitar Learning Path

Illustration Classes

3 Effective Techniques to Add Personality To Your Character Drawings

Two grayscale illustrations of a young girl with pigtails. The girl on the right stands with her hands in her pockets, smiling, over the word “Neutral.” The girl on the left is mid-jump, with a huge smile on her face and her arms wide, over the word ‘Expressive.’
A few simple techniques will allow you to capture exactly the emotion you hope to get across.

Personality matters. It drives narratives, adds color and variety to life, and creates bonds between people, as well as between people and art. You could draw the most beautiful art in the world, but if it doesn’t have any personality, your audience probably isn’t going to connect with it. 

Artist Lisa Glanz is here to help. In just half an hour, you’ll learn three different techniques to bring personality to your illustrations. You’ll be amazed to see the difference a few extra steps can bring to your work. 

The Art & Science of Figure Drawing: Complete Figure Demo

A nude figure drawing in mid-process. The artist's hand is visible in frame, shading an arm of the figure, and the reference illustration is also visible on the right hand side.
Brett Eviston’s approach to figure drawing is simple, accessible and fun.

Artist Brett Eviston created The Art and Science of Drawing program to teach curious creatives just like you how to draw. Now, in his first full-length, step-by-step figure drawing demonstration, Brett will show you how to use dynamic gestures and descriptive line quality to create breathtaking artwork. 

Join him as he walks you through tools, gestures, measuring, use of light and shadow, and everything else you need to strengthen your figure drawing skills. 

Creativity is BOO-tiful! 

Whether you find Halloween fun or frightening, building new skills doesn’t have to be scary. Let your new artistic endeavors lift your spirits throughout October and beyond!

Written by:

Dylan Morrison