A new year is the perfect time to try something new! If you’re looking for a new adventure, to explore a set of skills that you didn’t even know you had, or simply to find joy in the learning, Skillshare is the perfect place to start. We’ve curated a selection of classes and content ready-made for scratching your experimental itch. Start with any of the below, and see where the creative journey takes you!

Skillshare Classes

In his Skillshare Staff Pick, Artist Noah Scalin helps you overcome creative blocks and find inspiration and innovation in your work. Through a series of short exercises, you’ll create a series of images that break from any current style you have, and allow you to see all of the new possibilities before you. This class is great for all levels and will encourage you to expect the unexpected from yourself.

Jon Burgerman’s Skillshare Original, “Creative Exercises: 6 Prompts for Fun Doodles & Creative Play”

Jon Burgerman is an acclaimed artist and illustrator, and his Skillshare Original class shows just why people love him so much. Through approachable and downright fun exercises, Jon takes you through new ways to break free from your patterns and find inspiration everywhere around you. Kickstart your creativity with this entertaining class, and leave with so many new ideas to explore.

Mandalas by Neha Modi in her Skillshare Staff Pick “Mindful Mandala: 7 Days of Relaxation & Creative Play”

Mandalas aren’t just beautiful, they are an exercise in mindfulness for the creator. Just ask Neha Modi; in her Skillshare Staff Pick, she offers seven days of mandala exploration that will have you tapping into your childlike creative self, deepening your understanding through the movement of the paint and brush, and creating beautiful mandalas with watercolors.  Whether you love making mandalas already, or you are just looking for a new creative outlet, this is a great class to start your new year off with.

Have you been eyeing your camera – or even your smartphone – looking to capture better photos? This is the class for you. Stephen Vanasco (aka Van Styles) walks through the streets of New York as he shares personal stories and tips for taking incredible photos. In this Skillshare Original, which is just 25 minutes for a quick dose of inspiration, you will learn practical skills like technical considerations and Photoshop editing, as well as a greater understanding of finding the beauty in your everyday life.

Other Inspiration from Skillshare

If you want to tap into your creativity, but you don’t have a ton of time to spare, don’t fret. In under 10 minutes, get a quick intro to journaling as self care. Skillshare teachers Amanda Rach Lee, Jordan Sondler, and Dylan Mierzwinski teach art journaling, drawing, and illustration as a means to tapping into your curiosity.

If visuals aren’t your game, don’t worry. Not only do we have scores of classes on writing, you can get started in just a moment with this blog post. Get started writing today (or even right now!) with starters ranging from personal daily writing prompts to comedy, opinion, memoir, and more.

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