Whether you’ve been a Skillshare member for five minutes or five years, there’s always more to discover on the platform (and off). New classes are added every day, with new Skillshare Originals dropping every week. There’s so much to explore across photography, design, fine art, cooking, crafts, and so much more, and an enthused community of novices to experts to follow along with.

While you may have taken a class or two or twenty, you might be wondering how to connect with creators like yourself. The good news is, Skillshare’s community is a thriving one and there are many ways to tap in – from sharing work in your classes to social media, and more. Here are a few great ways to connect to the Skillshare community.

1. Discussion Boards

Did you know that every Skillshare class has a discussion board? It’s the perfect place to ask questions, chat with other students, even collaborate and offer tips and tricks that help bring your projects to life. Periodically Skillshare teachers will also use the discussion board to interact with their students, offering prompts, helpful feedback, answers to your burning questions, or other announcements.

If you have a Skillshare class you love, we recommend checking out the discussion board as a starting point to interact with other members like you. And if you don’t see something there that speaks to you, try starting a discussion yourself!

2. Project Galleries

In addition to the discussion board, every class has its own project gallery where members can upload the work they’ve completed that corresponds to the class. You can peruse through the creative works of members like you, comment with words of encouragement, and most importantly, upload your own works! When you upload your piece, other members have the opportunity to leave comments, so be sure to check back and see their compliments come in, maybe comment and spark a conversation of your own.

3. Chroma Courses

Have you heard about Skillshare’s Chroma Courses? Chroma Courses are different than the traditional Skillshare membership in that students have the opportunity to take classes in real time with other students. Join a cohort of fellow creators and get hands-on experience with feedback from the instructors you love. Learn more about our Chroma Courses here.

4. Social Media

Social media is a great place to stay connected to the Skillshare community. Like and follow our accounts and meet other members on our pages. Post your own work and tag us for a chance to be featured as well, or simply hashtag us in your posts to make yourself more discoverable to the broader Skillshare community, too. 

Explore your creativity and discover a community of like minded people right on Skillshare. If you haven’t had the chance to dive in just yet, now’s your chance. Head over to Skillshare today.

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