Considering sharing your design talents on Skillshare but not sure where to start? You’re in luck– we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you!

Design classes have always been some of the most popular on Skillshare, and as the platform grows, we’ve got lots of students looking to learn from passionate creatives like yourself. If you’re ready to join our community of designers to share what you love doing, our design promotion this May is for you!

Thousands of creatives teach on Skillshare to grow their brands, earn passive income, and tap into their passion for animation, graphic design, UI/UX, and illustration. Gabrielle DeCesaris teaches illustration classes, and uses Skillshare for consistent monthly earnings:

“Right now Skillshare is my main source of income and that’s really exciting. Within the art world, things can be unreliable since you can’t predict market interest and general trends, which makes earnings less predictable and consistent. But teaching has proven to be reliable since there will always be in an interest in learning.”

So, what’s this promotion?

10 teachers who publish the best classes in any of the 5 topics listed below by May 31st will win a $100 guarantee, have their class featured on Skillshare for two weeks alongside other marketing promotions across the site. New and current teachers are welcome to participate and all you have to do to get started is join our May Side Hustle Teach Challenge (Terms + Conditions Apply)!



Ready to teach all about animation, 3D modelling or game design? Get started with a motion graphics or Adobe After Effects class, and let your animation skills shine! Some class topics include: Character Design: Bring Your Illustrations to Life, Motion Graphic Lettering, Advanced Gif Making.


Feel free to get creative when it comes to your illustration class! You can teach on a wide array of topics from hand lettering and watercolors to digital painting and calligraphy. Some class topics include Food Illustration: Drawing Delicious Designs, Interpretive Digital Illustration, or Watercolor Hand Lettering.

Graphic Design

Students on Skillshare are always looking for more classes to help them improve on their visual communication and graphic design skills. Some example class topics include: Adobe Photoshop for Package Design, Branding Fundamentals: Design Tools for Creating Your Identity, or Advanced Typography with Adobe Illustrator


Teach a class on some of the essential softwares you need to get started designing your next website, or even some of the fundamental skillsets like typography or brand design. Some example class topics are Introduction to Mobile Design, Style Guidelines: Tips for Designing Your Next Website, or Sketch Fundamentals

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