At Skillshare, we believe that when we create, we discover who we are. 

Over the last decade, our community has encouraged the kind of creative exploration that furthers expression, learning, and discovery. We’ve always celebrated the power of creativity to yield new ideas — and been endlessly inspired by all the ways you bring your great ideas to life with Skillshare. And now, we’re excited to introduce you to the next step in Skillshare’s journey: a new visual identity that more clearly illuminates and embodies our mission to inspire discovery through creativity.

Since our inception, our logo, two hands coming together, has represented the exchange of information that our platform facilitates. 

But Skillshare is so much more. We encourage the curious and the creative to make discoveries about their passions, their abilities, and themselves — and to connect with a supportive community of millions in the process. We’ve seen again and again how the seemingly simple act of creating can be a force for growth, change, and discovery in people’s lives. 

Our new visual concept leans into our belief that exploration makes discovery and fulfillment possible — that the journey is the destination.

Our New Logo, for the New Path on Our Journey


A logo doesn’t make a brand, but our new logo contains a number of ideas about the Skillshare brand within it. At the same time, it does a lot of work for us. 

First and foremost, it’s legible. Our previous wordmark didn’t work in all digital spaces, so we’ve now built a flexible logo system that reads well at any size and orientation. 

Second, the dots. They represent key points along a journey, highlighting important moments in a process and illustrating the idea that there’s no defined beginning or end. Plus, we love the pleasing repetition they create. 

And third, in the spirit of strange, beautiful, and surprising creative acts, we’ve played with upper and lowercase letterforms as a tribute to experimentation and the desire to keep it weird. Geometric sans serif logos are hyper-legible but often indistinguishable from each other. Our odd little family of letterforms helps us be who we are. 

Color That Reflects the Vibrancy of a Creative Community


As we offer encouragement to take the next step down your creative path, we needed the perfect color to reflect that invitation. Skillshare’s new brand color, Wander Green, gives permission to start, go, and gives approval to be your authentic self. Psychologically, green suggests growth, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and freshness. Importantly, Wander Green is bright, which is crucially memorable in the digital space.

Shapes That Speak to the Creative Journey


We’ve emphasized lines and the use of meandering paths and bold colors to create a graphic and eloquent personality that represents what Skillshare is about: finding yourself. The lines don’t have a beginning or an end because your journey is endless and evergreen. And sometimes it will be animated, just as we all are when we feel enlightened and excited along the way. 

A Message That Encourages Exploration


We want to see the members of our creative community make amazing discoveries but it can only happen by embracing a spirit of exploration. By letting go and exploring creative passions, curiosities, and visions, a new world of possibilities opens up. We encourage experimentation and imagination, and we believe that the most important step on your creative journey is the next one. 


No matter how our community (and our company) changes and evolves, our guiding mission is that creativity is a journey and it’s never a straight path. Only when you’re willing to explore and wander can you discover new passions, new abilities, and a new sense of yourself. We believe this new visual identity is a powerful exemplification of the journey as the destination. And we hope you’ll join us on your own wandering path to see where creativity can take you.

From your fellow wanderers,
The Skillshare team

Written By

Jeremy Perez-Cruz

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