Calling all business and technology professionals: If you’ve ever thought about sharing your passion or expertise on Skillshare, now is the time! Earn a $100 bonus when you publish a class by September 30th. 

Business and Tech classes are in high demand on Skillshare, and dozens of new teachers have grown their brands, established followings, and earned passive income teaching professional topics. 3 million students and counting are coming to Skillshare eager to learn the unique tips and best practices that have allowed you to excel in your career. To celebrate this growth in our Business and Tech communities, we are offering a $100 bonus to all teachers (new and returning) who publish a class in one of the categories listed below by September 30th, on top of your regular teacher payments. Plus, two top teachers will have their class featured on Skillshare for two weeks. Sign up below to be eligible! 

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Once you have signed up, we encourage you to join the Teach Challenge to get started making your class. The Teach Challenge is a 30-day program that walks you through the process of creating your first class step-by-step, with tons of support and feedback from our team and other teachers along the way. It runs from September 1st – 30th — so it aligns perfectly with the contest — and walks you through exactly how to make a high quality class!

Business & Tech Topics Eligible for the $100 Bonus


  • SEM (ex- “9 Simple Steps for Your First Adwords Campaign”)
  • Influencer + Affiliate Marketing (ex- “Create an Influencer Strategy for Your Brand)
  • PR (ex- “Fundamentals of PR for Startups”)
  • Mobile Marketing (ex- “Optimize Marketing for Your Mobile Apps”)

Business Analytics:

  • Google Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics (ex- “Measuring Success in Email Marketing Campaigns”)
  • Data Visualization
  • User Analytics/NPS (ex- “Making the Most of User Feedback”)
  • Business Intelligence/Tableau

Leadership + Management:

  • Management (ex- “What Great Managers Do Differently)
  • Communication Skills (ex- “Crucial Conversation Tools for Talking When Stakes are High”)
  • Performance Management (ex- “Choosing the Right Performance Metrics for Your Business”)
  • Conflict Management


  • Productivity Systems (ex- “Productivity Strategies for Teams”)
  • Time Management (ex- ”Turning Your Business Ideas into Action at Work”)
  • Email Productivity

Web Development + Mobile Development

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • WordPress
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Python for Web Development
  • Swift
  • Android Development


  • User Research
  • Icon Design
  • Wireframing
  • Landing Pages
  • Sketch

Data Science + IT Security

  • SQL
  • R
  • Python for Data Science
  • Sharepoint
  • IT Operations

Don’t see a topic here that you want to teach? No problem! While only classes in these topics will be eligible for the $100 bonus, we still encourage you to start earning passive income by teaching whatever skill you’re passionate about.

Have questions on this promotion? Shoot us an email to with the subject line “Skillshare Business + Technology Contest” and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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