Congratulations and welcome to our community of 5,000+ teachers! You are officially a Skillshare teacher. As you start spreading the word, utilize a few simple tactics to grow the number of students and minutes watched in your class. 

Follow these three best practices and you’ll be well on your way to growing an engaged audience!

1. Merchandise Your Class

Simple details like your cover image, class title, and class description can go a long way when potential students are browsing classes on Skillshare.

  • Update your cover photo with an eye-catching image that includes your class title.
  • Make sure your class title is properly capitalized.
  • Rename your video lesson titles so they are concise and provide an overview of the content. Avoid using numbers if possible.

2. Brand Your Skillshare Profile:

Your Skillshare profile is an extension of your brand and provides additional credibility of your skills and expertise.

  • Add a photo of yourself so students can put a face to the name.
  • Add an ‘About Me’ section to your profile, including a few details about yourself and your work experience
  • Link your social media accounts and personal website to strengthen your online presence.

Need some inspiration? Check out some example profiles from top teachers on the platform!

3. Welcome Your Students

Building community with your students is essential to your success. Start the conversation right away so students feel encouraged to engage with you and your content.

  • Write a brief welcome message in your class “Community” board.
    • Find a simple example here.
  • Upload a sample project to the “Project Gallery” to provide clarity around what students will learn through the class.

Implement these best practices and you’ll kickstart your success on Skillshare! Want additional support? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Written by:

Mary Findley