Chances are, you’re always looking for ways to strengthen your skills, gain new ones, build on your inherent creativity, and maybe even parlay all of that into your career. When it comes to achieving a goal, it helps to have a plan. And getting rewarded along the way doesn’t hurt either. 

To help you do all of that, Skillshare has launched a suite of features to help you set, track and achieve your learning goals:

  • Follow curated Learning Paths to help you focus on a skill and track your learning progress. 
  • Earn fun badges as you learn, and stay motivated to hit your next big milestone. 
  • Celebrate and showcase your creative accomplishments with class certificates. 


Learning Paths

With dozens currently available (and more added regularly), Skillshare Learning Paths provide a curated series of sequential classes across a particular skill area. The guided experience helps you focus on a skill—and track your learning progress—with increasingly advanced classes. 

Following a Learning Path will help you build confidence and master skills one by one to reach your learning goals. Find a learning path that matches the skill you’re focusing on, and start learning.


Marking your progress and celebrating accomplishments can make learning more fun and keep you motivated to continue. We’ve launched a set of Skillshare badges to help you do just that.

You can earn badges for the learning you’re already doing, and see your growth and activity over time to stay motivated to hit that next big milestone. You’ll find badges for all kinds of accomplishments, such as finishing a class, completing certain numbers of classes, starting discussions, giving feedback, reviewing classes, and more.

Learn more about the badges you’ve already earned (that’s right, you’ve probably already earned some without even trying!), and which badges to aim for next.

Class Certificates

Putting in the time to improve or learn new skills is no small thing. With so many demands on time these days, completing a class should make you very proud of yourself. And why not show your accomplishments off a little? Enter Skillshare class certificates.

Complete a class and project, get a certificate. Simple as that.

By completing a class and submitting a class project you’ll receive a certificate with your name, class title, teacher and the time you spent learning. Plus, you can easily share them with your network to showcase your new skills for the world to see. Start earning class certificates today by completing the classes you’ve already started.

Start Learning, and Start Earning Badges!

Take advantage of Learning Paths, Badges and Class Certificates today to make the most of your learning experience on Skillshare. We can’t wait to see what you do!

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