Did you attend Adobe MAX this year? In case you missed it, the global creativity conference just wrapped after countless hours of free sessions, conversations, and inspiration to fuel your artistic practice.

Whether it’s capturing the perfect shot on your iPhone, perfecting your writing skills, or having a much needed conversation about the power of art for change, it all went down at Adobe MAX this year. Let’s discuss a few highlights and suggestions of how to keep your inspiration bubbling up to the surface.

A Conversation with Skillshare Teacher Nikkolas Smith and Lena Waithe

We hosted an engaging, inspirational, and downright fascinating conversation between artist, illustrator, activist, and Skillshare teacher Nikkolas Smith and writer, producer, and changemaker Lena Waithe. You can read our full session highlights here on how the two creatives brought artivism to the forefront. Above all, they discussed the importance of wielding your creative superpowers to affect the change you want to see in the world. Learn more here.

Explore Nikkolas Smith’s Artivism Class

Learn how he makes art for change, and use his class as a springboard for your own creative ritual.

A Brand New and Engaging Way to Learn on Skillshare

We announced a brand new way to learn with Skillshare on the Mainstage during Adobe MAX. Skillshare Chroma Courses offer the incredible teachers and lessons you’ve come to expect from Skillshare in an all-new format that will help you achieve your goals, hold you accountable for creating regularly, and deepen your creative community. Our first set of Skillshare Chroma Courses begin this January. Find out more here.

Images of the three January Skillshare Chroma Course teachers: Jeff Staple, Cat Coquillette, and Brandon Woelfel.

Accelerate Your Creative Practice

Join top creators like Jeff Staple, Brandon Woelfel, and Cat Coquillette in their immersive, small-group Skillshare Chroma Courses.

Countless Sessions with Some of our Favorite Teachers

Adobe MAX was a sprawling, creatively abundant event. It can certainly be hard to know where to start or what sessions to catch up on. To help, we’ve curated a list of Skillshare teachers whose sessions can further your path to creating something that feels so you. From Aaron Draplin to Laci Jordan, Aundre Larrow to DKNG, explore their sessions and gain inspiration right here.

Keep the Inspiration Going

Use an idea generator to jumpstart your creativity

Feeling excited and motivated to make something but still not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. If taking a full class sounds like a heavy lift, try an idea generator first. We have a few options to choose from right here:

Dive back into what you missed at Adobe MAX

You don’t have to live with the FOMO and feel like you can’t watch every Adobe MAX session. They are all cataloged for you on demand right here. That means you can catch up now on the essential sessions, conversations, and guides that you missed, or check back whenever you need an additional jolt of inspiration or expert-backed tips and tricks.

Have a listen to how world-class creatives got their start

The Spark & Fire podcast, produced by WaitWhat in collaboration with Skillshare, follows the hero’s journey behind their creative work. Every magnum opus, every pièce de résistance, has its own origin story. Listen to innovators and imaginative masterminds like Susan Orlean, Kemp Powers, Chip Kidd, and Rian Johnson as they walk through their most celebrated works here.

Become a Skillshare member and choose from thousands of world-class classes

The best way to keep the momentum going is to make space for it in your everyday. Carve out an hour to take a class or catch up on short lessons that will help guide your creativity. With classes that cover everything from knitting to mastering TikTok and cooking to watercolor painting, illustration, and more, you’ll never run out of new things to explore. With your Skillshare membership you’ll unlock millions of minutes of creative lessons, a vibrant and engaged community, access to creative professionals at the top of their games, and more.

Person painting on paper with camera in the background

Explore Your Creativity

Explore new skills, deepen existing passions, and get lost in creativity on Skillshare. Get started with one month free.

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