Today, as some of you may have heard, we officially announced our Series C round of funding. This is a major milestone for Skillshare and comes on the heels of several other recent milestones. We are proud to say that we now boast more than 20,000 classes, 6,000 teachers, and most recently — 5 million members around the world!

At Skillshare, our goal is to connect curious lifelong learners everywhere, in order to make the world a more creative, generous, and prosperous place. This new round of funding will help us expand these efforts by:

  • Bringing more great content to our site
  • Building additional functionality so that our members can interact with each other in more and more ways
  • Growing the Skillshare community internationally to make it more vibrant and more diverse than ever

To the 5 million (and counting) Skillshare members who make us what we are: thank you. We’re excited for what’s ahead!

To everyone else: come join us!


The Skillshare Team

Written by:

Cam Lay