Whether you need to make an image smaller to fit on the web or blow it up to a bigger size, read on to learn all about how to resize images.

How to Resize an Image

In today’s day and age, resizing an image is incredibly easy. Nearly every photo software—including those built into most PCs like Microsoft Photos or Preview on a Mac—has image resize tools. 

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How to resize images using Preview on Mac.

They all work in basically the same way. Start by finding the image resize option in your program. In Preview, it’s Tools > Adjust Size. In Microsoft Photos, click the three dots in the top right corner, and click Resize. If you’re wondering how to resize an image in Photoshop, you select Image > Image Size. Some programs will also allow you to batch resize multiple photos at a time.

Then, type in the size—typically in pixels or inches—you’d like the image to be. Unless you want your image to look squashed or stretched, check the box to scale proportionally or maintain the aspect ratio. 

Does Resizing Affect Quality?

Making an image smaller won’t affect the quality. However, if you’re trying to resize images to be larger than they currently are, they may end up blurry. The way around this is to find a tool that resamples your image when resizing it. This creates new pixels to help counteract the larger size. It’s still not perfect, however, so if you know you’re going to need a large image, try to shoot at the final size you’d like. 

Free Online Image Resizers

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Source: Promo
Resize image online to the Facebook cover photo size and more with Promo.
  • iLoveIMG: This tool allows you to resize to certain dimensions or by percentage. It also has a GIF resizer.
  • BeFunky: An online photo editor with image resizing and other tools (like a collage maker!).
  • Promo: In addition to your standard image resize, this online photo editor has preset dimensions to crop and resize for common uses. (For example, the Facebook cover photo size has to be precisely 820 x 312 pixels.)
  • Birme: This online photo editor allows you to batch resize images and also add watermarks or a border.

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