Do you have big dreams of banging out your favorite drum solo? We’re betting you’re not alone. Growing up listening and watching the drummers in your favorite bands, it’s hard not to want to emulate them. 

The drums are the backbone of any band, providing the beat and framework for the vocalists and other instruments. But, despite being percussive instruments that don’t require a mouthpiece or learning an embouchure, the drums still take time and practice to master. 

How to Learn the Drums

Anyone can sit down at a drum set and start to play. But, how good or accurate the music will be is another question entirely. It’s estimated that learning to play the drums takes one year to become proficient and two years to master. However, those timelines certainly depend on the amount of practice you put in. 

As with any instrument, taking lessons is a great starting point. Online drum lessons allow you to make sure that you’re positioning is correct so you’re not fixing your posture later. Drum lessons range in price—anywhere from $20 to more than $50 per hour—making online drum lessons a great alternative to private ones.

What You Need to Learn the Drums

Before you consider drum lessons, figure out how you’re going to get your hands on a drum set. Music stores typically allow for drum set rentals and custom setups, or if you want to do a trial run before you commit, there are virtual drum options as well. These virtual kits allow you to play beats using a mouse or trackpad. While this isn’t the best long-term option for serious drummers, it’s a great way to get started and see if the instrument is for you. 

Skillshare instructor Todd Porter demonstrates correct form when playing the drum set. 

Online Drum Lessons

While a virtual drum kit might not be the ideal option for the long term, online drum lessons are an excellent way to learn how to play the drums. In fact, whether you’re beginning drum lessons or you’ve been playing for a while, online drum lessons will set you up with skilled teaching and a structure to your practice. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this beginner-friendly class:

  • An overview of music: Harmony, melody, rhythm, and more
  • How to hold your sticks and how to place your feet on the drum kit
  • Drum fills, rock patterns, and changing tempos
  • How to create an ongoing practice schedule that’ll help you improve over time
  • How to start your own band

In less than two and a half hours, you’ll be through all 38 online drum lessons and their corresponding practice sessions. You can even practice your skills in virtual “Jam Rooms.” We can’t wait to hear your beat!

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