We’re thrilled to share our new Skillshare video!

We set out to create a video that showcased the brilliant creative work of our community, as well as show the world what we really value and find important.

Here’s a list of a few things that are important to us – can you find them represented in the video?


We believe everyone should have the access to learning from experts, no matter where they live. Skillshare classes are low-cost (or free!) and accessible to people across the globe.

Collaboration and community.

We built our classes to be highly interactive and centered around bringing together people with the same passions and interests. You can look into any Skillshare class and find classmates answering each other’s questions, helping each other through roadblocks, and giving feedback to each other’s projects.

Real-world skills.

All of our classes are focused on teaching real-world skills. In our classes, you can take what you’ve learned and immediately apply your new skills to your career or personal projects.

Thanks to the talented folks at Buffalo Picture House for helping to bring this piece to life!

Written by:

Ethan Bodnar