Twenty years ago, the idea of creating online classes from your couch or kitchen table was the stuff of dreams. Today, online classes have a way of spreading knowledge and providing passive income like never before. The only problem is that crafting an online class isn’t always as easy as it looks. 

Now, through this first-of-its-kind class—Teach on Skillshare: Plan, Publish, and Promote an Engaging Class—Tiffany Chow from Skillshare’s Community Team, and a lineup of successful Skillshare teachers are revealing exactly how to teach on Skillshare. You’ll discover the best way to plan, produce, publish and promote an online class. Who better to look to for achieving Skillshare success than the Skillshare team itself? 

Split screen image with Tiffany Chow on the left, in a blue T-shirt with long, dark hair and bangs, sitting behind a desk. On the right side is a screenshot from the Skillshare website with a cursor hovering over the "Start a Class" button.
Tiffany Chow, Director of Teacher Success, and a handful of Skillshare’s Top Teachers will guide you through the class creation process from start to finish. Image by Skillshare.

Learn How to Teach on Skillshare

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Skillshare class, you might’ve noticed that some stand out from the rest. The video is crystal clear, the sound is solid and the teacher is so engaging, the class seems to just fly by. If you’ve thought to yourself, “Wow, I could never create a class like that.” we’re here to tell you you can

This class has been expertly designed to put you on the path to becoming a successful Skillshare teacher. You’ll be led through choosing the perfect topic, achieving high production value, crafting expert copy for your class description and promoting your class to the public.

But this class isn’t just for new teachers. If you’re already a Skillshare teacher, this class will help you strengthen your current and future classes and find even greaters success on the platform. 

Learn from Top Teachers

Don’t just take it from us. Our Top Teachers are the most active, engaged and high-quality teachers on Skillshare. Eleven of them will be sharing their successes with you, offering you encouragement and giving you tips they used to build their classes. You’ll hear from:

What You’ll Learn

In the same way you never stop learning, there’s no end to sharing what you’ve learned. Your insights, passions and experiences can inspire those who haven’t had the chance to experience what you have.

You might’ve grown up painting with your mother, who was an art teacher, and you’ve always wanted to share the techniques she taught you. Or maybe you work full-time in marketing and have discovered exactly what it takes to build an audience. No matter what topic you choose, knowing the best way to create the class can bring you more success. 

This class will take you through all of these key capabilities and more. You’ll unlock: 

  • How learning on Skillshare works, and how you can start teaching on our platform.
  • Tips for choosing a topic and crafting a project for your class.
  • How to draft your class description to make it more visible and enticing to your future students.
  • Approaches to outlining your class, so you’re fully prepared to film it.
  • Strategies for filming and editing your class, from choosing a space to getting ready to teach on camera.
  • Specific tips for polishing all the public-facing elements of a class — what we call merchandising — so your class can be more easily discovered in our catalog and on search engines.
  • Top tips for class promotion, so you’re getting the word out to the right students outside Skillshare.
  • The importance of student engagement, and how it benefits your students and your teaching.
  • Strategies for finding continued success on Skillshare.

Create a Class Step by Step

As you get closer to learning everything the Skillshare team and these top teachers have to share, you’ll also get closer to finishing your own class. Throughout the lessons, you’ll receive manageable milestones so your brand-new class will be ready to publish by the time you finish.

You’ll also get direct access to Skillshare through the class discussion board. There, you’ll be able to ask questions and share the class you’ve created. You don’t have to have a Skillshare membership to access this class, just an account. Simply log in, start a new class draft, and you’ll be ready to discover how to teach on Skillshare. 

Take It Away, Future Top Teachers!

Do you still think you could never create a class like the ones you’ve taken? Or are you fired up and ready to get started? There’s nothing stopping you now.

We invite you to join us and become part of Skillshare’s global teaching community with your new, expertly crafted class!

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