Have a thriving YouTube channel and some skills to share? Before posting that tutorial on YouTube, consider teaching on Skillshare. Deploying a cross-channel content strategy will increase your ability to make money on YouTube and Skillshare, plus double your exposure and your following with minimal additional effort on your part.

What’s Skillshare?

Classes on Skillshare are pre-recorded video lessons teaching anything you are passionate about, from coding a mobile app to presentation skills to becoming social media savvy to baking your grandma’s apple pie. Classes on Skillshare are comprised of 20-60 minutes of content, and are behind a paywall where students pay $12 a month for unlimited access to thousands of classes. Get started here

Why Teach on Skillshare?

When you become a teacher on Skillshare, you’ll get exposure to over 2M users, who you can engage on and off of Skillshare, driving them back to YouTube or your business. Plus, Skillshare’s platform is designed to promote engagement around classes, allowing you to tie videos together in a class and build a community and discussions around your lessons. 

How much can I earn?

On Skillshare, you get compensated for every minute watched of your content. With creator’s on YouTube earning around $2000/million views, teachers on Skillshare make about 50x that for every minute watched. On average, teachers make $1500 of passive income in the first 6 months  with top teachers making over $40K/year. Plus, our referral program earns you $10 for every new subscriber you bring to Skillshare. For creators on YouTube that already have audiences, it’s not too hard to earn $1K+ a month via this referral program.

How YouTube’s Teela Cunningham Quit Her Job After Skillshare

Just ask Teela, who started a blog and YouTube channel sharing design tips and freebies shortly before teaching her first class on Skillshare in 2015. 9 months later, she was earning thousands of dollars a month from her Skillshare classes and quit her job to focus on her blog and teaching full-time. By driving her Skillshare audience to YouTube she’s grown both channels and made more money on YouTube and Skillshare.



Written by:

Nicole Kamra