Making high quality videos for your Skillshare class is easier than you think. We asked Skillshare’s video pro, Jesse Chorng, to share a few tips for the DIYers out there.

To really facilitate learning on Skillshare, your videos need to be clear and informative with as few distractions as possible. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to get high quality videos, but you do need to create a plan of attack. Whether it’s creating a budget, planning locations, or building lights or scripting, take the time to think through what you’re going to say and how to translate that into video.

Remember, there’s so much you can do at home with just your webcam or an iPhone:

Using your webcam:
The quickest way to produce your video classes is to use the camera that’s already built into your computer. Since there’s no need to move footage from a separate device because everything will already be stored on your machine, which will save you time and get you editing faster.

Pro Tip 1: To really get the most out of your webcam, use third party software like EvoCam or iGlasses for Mac to control the white balance, brightness, and contrast. It will make you look great!

Pro Tip 2: In terms of placement, ideally the webcam is at or slightly above your eye line so it’s slightly pointing downwards.

Using your iPhone or iPad:
The most versatile piece of equipment you might already own is your iPhone or other mobile device. It can not only record video, but also has a quality microphone. You can even use it as light source.

Pro Tip 3: For video purposes, make sure you can steady your iPhone by placing it on a tripod using something like the Glif Tripod Mount, buying a dedicated tripod like the Joby GorillaPod Stand, or simply hacking together household items. Like the webcam, you’ll want a third party app to really control the focus and exposure points so that it’s not trying to auto-everything while you’re shooting. ProCamera has great reviews.

Pro Tip 4: Even if you use other equipment to shoot video, your iPhone can record sound better than any microphone mounted to your camera. An easy way to get it as close to you as possible when recording? Place your iPhone upside down in your shirt pocket and hit record!

For more camera and filming recommendations, check out our free class, Recording Video Lectures and Workflows.

If you’ve already started building your class, login to to upload your videos. If not, start your class today!

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Nicole Kamra

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