Great news, local Skillshare teachers!
In 2013, we’re setting out to be the most teacher-friendly learning community on the planet. That includes being the place where teachers can earn the most money, period.

So, starting now, we’re lowering Skillshare fees from 15% down to 12% for local classes, which means you keep more of every ticket sale! (This doesn’t include the standard 3% processing fee from PayPal and Stripe) For some teachers, like Avi, who’s made over $100k teaching local classes, this can mean hundreds or even thousands more in your pocket.

Also, did you know that you can keep a full 100% of ticket proceeds if students sign up using the referral code we provide you on your class page?

Not a teacher yet but want to be? Join us! Create a Local Skillshare Class in minutes or apply to teach an Online Class today.

Written by:

Ethan Bodnar