When you think of the fiddle, what comes to mind? Fiddler on the Roof maybe? That’s probably the most popular or the first introduction people have to the fiddle. But, if you’re a fan of orchestral folk or country music, then fiddle lessons might be the perfect way for you to learn how to create that music all on your own.

Is the Fiddle Hard to Learn?

Learning any instrument has its challenges. The fiddle uses precise positioning, string pressure, and bow angles to emit sound. That means playing the correct note can be difficult, especially for beginners, because all of those things need to be coordinated and timed for you to create the right sound. Plus, you need a trained ear to hear whether the notes are in tune or not. So, it can take years of fiddle lessons and practice to master.

What’s the Difference Between Fiddle and Violin?

The fiddle and violin are essentially the same instruments. The fiddle is a colloquial term for the violin, however, the style of music played on what is called a fiddle is different than what’s played on a violin.

For example, folk, country, and bluegrass music are played on the fiddle, whereas classical music is played on the violin. You don’t tend to hear about the fiddle being played in orchestras, whereas it’s very common to have multiple violins in a large orchestra.

3 Online Fiddle Classes You Can Start Today

Ready to get started? You can take these fiddle classes online, from the comfort of your own home.

1. Beginner Fiddle

In these beginner fiddle lessons, you’ll learn the basics like:

  • Correct bow posture
  • How to position the fiddle
  • Tuning the fiddle
  • Scales
  • Reading music
  • Pentatonics 

In a total of 42 lessons spanning almost 12 hours, you’ll be well on your way to learning the fiddle by the end. 

2. Beginner Violin

These online fiddle lessons are similar to the above, however, the later lessons in the course teach you how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and include a variety of practice lessons. It has over 12 hours of content, so you’re guided through the fundamentals and able to have guided practice lessons.

3. How to Play Violin: Basics + Play Your First Song

This series of seven online fiddle lessons are a great starting point. At only 16 minutes long, you’ll get a quick tutorial on the basics and jump right into your first song. So, this lesson might suit people with a bit more practice under their belt, instead of treating it as a true beginner fiddle lesson. 

Written by:

Laura Brothers