Wondering how to channel your passion into your career, but not sure how to get started?

If you’re employed full time and trying to figure out how to break out of your 9-to-5, or if you’re just starting out in your freelance career and trying to gain some traction, launching a side project is for you. Your side hustle should be something that excites you, but also has the potential to impact your professional goals so you can explore what it might be like to do what you love full time. Choose a day of the week or a few hours at night, and get started with some of these ideas (any of which can be tailored to your personal passions or interests!):


Is someone you know struggling with something that you’re passionate about or comes naturally to you? As a consultant or coach you can spend time with a coworker helping them learn how to code or photoshop a design. You could even work with a close friend who might be trying to find a job on developing a career plan. Use your coaching sessions as an opportunity to earn some extra cash or get referred to other prospective clients through your network.

Teach Online

Teaching online is a great side project– you can share your expertise, build a following, and get ready to launch the career you’ve always wanted! You can teach anything you’re passionate about, from graphic patterns to portrait photography to the best Facebook marketing strategy. Many teachers use Skillshare as a side project to earn passive income and find stability while they launch their freelance career or experiment breaking away from their 9-5– you can earn $1400 in your first 6 months alone.

Start a Blog or a Podcast

If you’re the kind of person who is always sharing your wisdom with those around you, why not take it to a larger stage? Launching a blog or podcast is a great forum for sharing travel stories or recommendations, your latest business ideas/tips/styles, the things you like to cook, or even life tips on staying centered and focused in your day to day. With your own blog or bodcast you can set yourself aside as a thought leader and entrepreneur, and even get featured by companies who love your work!

Events or Community Organizing

Maybe you wish you had more time to spend on the causes you care about, or have been considering how to tap into the awesome network you’ve got around you, but your full-time job gets in the way. An easy way to start exploring your interests with your network is by hosting events where you can tap into your passions and encourage those around you to do the same. Try hosting community dinners where you raise money for a particular cause, or organize a happy hour to bring together a network of people who may all have a background in a particular field to foster a space for an exchange of ideas.

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