Kickstart The Creative Career You Want In 2017

Are you ready to break out of your 9 to 5? The transition from working in a structured setting to going out on your own can feel daunting. But, the reality is, it gets easier each year – today more people than ever are leveraging the internet to pursue their creative dreams. Let 2017 be the year you create the job you really want and kickstart your career with these 6 simple steps.

Build Your Brand Online

The best way to launch your creative career is to start establishing your brand online.

1. Set up a simple website

You are going to need a place to showcase all of your awesome work and there are tons of ways to set up a website without any coding experience. Check out Squarespace or WordPress to get started. Be sure that your website has email capture (you will want to stay in touch with your fans) and blogging functionality for marketing later on.

2. Teach Online 

Teaching online is one of the best ways to showcase your work and establish your brand online (the passive income isn’t bad either). We have hundreds of design teachers on Skillshare whose work has been discovered by millions of students. Teachers cultivate student followings and overtime, use them to find clients as well as to expand their networks.

Start Selling

While you will build a following and client base overtime, you want to make sure people have somewhere to purchase your work.

3. Set up an online shop

E-commerce is huge and you want to make sure you can buy your work online. Check out Etsy or Shopify as easy ways to get started and upload images of some of your best pieces so far! Once the shop is set up, send an email notifying your friends and family and ask them to pass along the link.

4. Set-up shop offline

Selling in your community can be a great option as well. Take it one step at a time, whether you place an ad in a local newspaper, have some of your products sold in a local shop, or get a stand at a neighborhood market. You don’t want to overextend yourself, but you definitely want people in your community to know that your work is for sale!


5. Set-up social media profiles

We know social media can feel overwhelming, but taking some basic steps can help you network and build a following online. Start by creating a business Facebook page and sharing with your friends and family. Next, create a twitter account and follow others you admire in your field; tweeting at them can be a great way to connect. If you have visual work, set up a Pinterest. Lastly, go ahead and link to all of these profiles from your website and Skillshare page – your followers will like them, which will make you even more discoverable on the social platforms!

6. Attend offline events

Networking in person can feel old school, but it still works. Check out if there are any relevant MeetUps in your city or neighborhood. It can be helpful to exchange tips or tricks of the trade as well as arrange partnerships face to face.

Excited? 2017 has just begun and you are off to the races – your creative career awaits!

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