We’re excited to announce that we have added a Teacher Stats dashboard to all Skillshare teacher accounts.

On this dashboard, teachers can see:

  • Aggregate class stats

  • Total positive reviews

  • Total students

  • Total minutes watched

  • Minutes watched over time

  • Active students and enrollments over time

  • Total earnings

  • Monthly earnings

What does historical teacher payments mean?

On the new teacher stats dashboard, teachers can review each royalty and referral payment they have ever received from Skillshare, as well as their total earnings. At this time, the dashboard does not include earnings from promotions or bonuses teachers may have earned throughout their time teaching on Skillshare.

How does the dashboard help you as a teacher?

Our hope is that the ability to see your earnings overtime will make it even easier for you to turn Skillshare into a successful, continual source of income. Try analyzing the months that you earned the most – did you do something differently during those months? What about the months that you earned the least? You may notice that since teachers earn $10 for each student they refer to Skillshare – referral earnings can really add up! Check out how our top teachers market their classes externally.

The new teacher stats dashboard will also allow you to monitor your student activity and review how many new students you’ve amassed in any given day, week or month. Since growing your student following on the platform is critical to your success as a teacher, these insights are key. This data can help you identify patterns and create content that’s perfect for engaging your existing followers and capturing new ones.

This data can also be used as a great marketing tool – don’t be afraid share stats from your dashboard externally and with the Skillshare community to demonstrate the success and value of your classes!

Where to find the Teacher Stats Dashboard?

Locate the “Teach” dropdown at the top righthand corner of your account, and select “Your Teacher Stats.”

Have questions about your payments?

No problem! Check out the Skillshare Help Center. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to email us at Teach@skillshare.com.

Written by:

Claire Smilow