We’re excited to introduce Spark & Fire, a WaitWhat podcast in exclusive partnership with Skillshare.

Every creative work you’ve ever loved has a hero’s journey behind it. The first spark. The endless iteration. The inevitable setbacks. The magical people who appear to help. And the breakthrough idea.

On each episode of Spark & Fire, an iconic creator tells their own story about the crooked path to creation. No host. No interview. It’s the creator – entirely in their own words – against the backdrop of original music for the prepared piano.

Kemp Powers discusses Disney Pixar’s Soul

Episode One: Listen to screenwriter and creative Kemp Powers, the mastermind behind Disney Pixar’s brand new film Soul, as well as the play One Night in Miami, and Star Trek: Discovery, in his own words.Read More

Susan Orlean on The Orchid Thief and its feature adaptation, Adaptation

Episode Two: Susan Orlean tells the wild and true story behind her famed book, The Orchid Thief, how she embedded herself in the search for mythical orchids, and how that story turned into a fictionalized movie called Adaptation.

Chip Kidd on the cover of Jurassic Park

Episode Three: Chip Kidd discusses his dream assignment – creating the book cover for a soon-to-be blockbuster written by Michael Crichton. Of course now we all know that to be Jurassic Park, but in his own words, Chip covers how he got started and how he got unstuck until he created the very perfect thing.

Stay tuned for more episodes to come as we dive deeper into the first season of Spark & Fire. Be sure to rate, review, listen, subscribe, and share.

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