At Skillshare, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey. One of our students, designer Mathew Kieser, recently reminded me of the importance of that journey when he traveled to New York to participate in a special Skillshare experience. Mathew is one of 3,800 students who learned “How to Start Your Fashion Company” from Jeff Staple’s online Skillshare class. After his project received hundreds of likes and comments, Mathew was chosen by Jeff to fly from South Africa to New York and join him for a full-day, hands-on workshop.

Jeff’s class gave Mathew the skills and confidence to launch his fashion label, Sol-Sol. From conception to collaboration to creation, Mathew’s journey through Jeff’s class is a story we hear from students all over the globe. Aspiring creators and makers who never dreamed of having access to the industry greats they’ve always looked up to can now learn from them directly on how to put their ideas in action. Stories like this continue to inspire us to provide anyone, anywhere access to quality opportunities to learn.

Today, we’re excited to officially launch Skillshare Membership, making lifelong learning more accessible than ever. Skillshare Membership offers unlimited access to hundreds of online classes for just $9.95 a month.

Students from all around the world will have access to learn from the world’s best teachers. Membership lets students enroll in project-based classes spanning design, technology, business and more, all included in the cost of subscription. This gives people from all backgrounds and experience levels the ability to learn more real-world skills, create more projects, and share more ideas.

Each week, we’ll be adding new, inspiring online classes from industry experts, automatically available to our members at no extra cost. However, if you’ve been enjoying our a la carte classes, you’ll still have lifetime access to the content you’ve purchased.

We launched Skillshare with an ambitious mission: provide access to high-quality learning. Today, we’re focusing on building the best ways for that global community to learn, collaborate and create together. This is a giant step toward fostering more innovation in the world!

Written by:

Michael Karnjanaprakorn