If you’re looking for an extra jolt of creative inspiration, look no further than Skillshare Live Sessions.

Live Sessions offer a new way to tap into your creative side. Our ongoing digital event series offers Skillshare members and teachers the opportunity to make something in real time alongside a community of like-minded creatives. Each session helps creatives like you deepen your practice, interact with inspiring teachers you love (to supplement all the on-demand learning you can do with Skillshare classes!), and walk out of that session with a piece of work or a new insight you are proud to show and share.
New Live Sessions are released on an ongoing basis, so check back here on the blog to discover new topics and teachers. Spots can book up quickly, so if a Live Session excites you, don’t hesitate to reserve your spot today.

May & June Live Sessions

Responsive Design in Figma: Auto Layout Deep Dive with Christine Vallaure

Date: Thursday, May 23

Time: 12:00 PM EDT

Learn the ins and outs of Figma Auto Layout to make seamless responsive designs in this interactive Live Session with Christine Vallaure.

In this Skillshare Live Session, you will learn how to set up responsive designs in Figma step by step — from the basics and behaviour settings to advanced nesting techniques and integrating layouts with grids. UX/UI Designer Christine Vallaure will guide you through this interactive session that goes from creating single components to setting up entire pages with auto layout. To wrap up, she’ll go the extra mile by teaching how auto layout actually translates to code, offering straightforward insights into CSS that will significantly improve your conversation and collaboration with development as a UI designer.

Build Your Creative Voice: Live with Unjaded Jade

Date: Monday, June 10

Time: 1:00 PM EDT

In this Live Session, join renowned social media creator and mindfulness teacher UnJaded Jade to uncover your unique creative voice. You’ll learn how to translate the wonderful chaos of your personal stories into clarity with the catharsis of creative work. In this session, you’ll work through four intentionally-crafted prompts to help you translate your life experiences into your creative work, build your creative identity, and zero-in on how you want your art to impact others. 

You’ll understand how the secret to the best creative work isn’t grand life experiences – it’s simply paying more attention to your everyday life. You’ll have the option to engage with other creatives in the session, to engage in peer-to-peer learning and to contribute to a wider creative project exploring how we see our everyday lives.

Skillshare Live Sessions require tickets for each event, which can be purchased here. Skillshare members and teachers are eligible for a 25% discount on all Live Sessions. To receive your discount code, please reach out to us at live@skillshare.com.

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